Sunday 20th September – Club Handicap @ Esholt

Sunday 20th September – Club Handicap @ Esholt

Report from deputy timekeeper, John Dade of the Esholt Handicap (5.01 miles):

New ladies record Racheal Bamford in 34.31, beating Helen Walsh’s 37.07.
Storming run by Bob Payne to take the first place.
Huw Illingworth 3.35 faster than last year.
Michael Pickard 1.08 faster than last year.

Others affected by long runs on Saturday or the Otley Festival. Billy was spotted rolling down the street eating pizza at 1.30am previous evening.

PS I haven’t told him this but I set Huw Illingworth off a minute late.
I took a minute off each runners handicap as Antonio was first starter. Forgot to do this for Huw….he’d have had a nice sprint finish with Bob.

Runner Race Time Handicap Actual Time
Bob Payne 47.01 6.00 41.01
Neil Charlton 47.41 11.00 36.41
Huw Illingworth 48.02 17.00 31.02
Racheal Bamford 48.31 14.00 34.31
Michael Pickard 48.54 15.00 33.54
Antonio Cardinale 49.12 1.00 48.12
Matt Podd 49.23 13.00 36.23
Carol Armitstead 50.03 4.00 46.03
Ian Fisher 50.35 23.30 27.05
Billy Rayner 50.48 9.00 41.48
Dominic Egan 53.20 10.00 43.20
Guest 53.20 10.00 43.20

See the Club Handicap Page for the course map and historic results.

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  1. John my lawyers will be in contact with you sometime this week. I rely upon victories in key events such as these to secure my various endorsements and spossoprships and the losses could run into thousands. We are currently working out whether it is the Club or yourself who is ultimately liable for damages

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