Sunday 27th September – Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross

Sunday 27th September – Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross


Huw Illingworth reports:

Conditions were pretty good and there were lots of OAC members out for the day.

The race was won by Nick Craig (Scott UK) in 2:54:12.

First OAC member home was Bob Addey in a very impressive 24th (nineteenth senior and fastest newcomer) in 3:25:50

Andy Hunt I can’t find but he had an excellent race and was definitely second in for OAC in under 4 hours.

John Armistead 158th (sixth MV50) in 4:11:55

Renee Saxton 190th (first female in her first outing in this race… great achievement!) in 4:18:37

Huw Illingworth 270th in 4:36:00

Adam Baird 313th in 4:45:23 (first time round)

Sharon Smith 335th (sixth female) in 4:51:55

Chris Stacey suffered a fair few technical problems but still got in under 5 hours….349th in 4:55:02

Don Buffham 362nd 4:57:53 (23rd MV50)

Bob Baker in 377th 5:05:09 (24th MV50)

Full results and photos from Three Peaks Cyclo-cross.

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