Saturday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Saturday 26th December – Chevin Chase


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The race was won again by Bingley Harriers’ Alistair Brownlee in 38.02 ahead of his brother Jonathan.

For OAC Bob Addey finished sixteenth (45.32), Andrew Robertshaw nineteenth (46.06), Josie Hodgetts 45th (and second female – 47.52), Lloyd Best 54th (48.25), Chris Stacey 80th (50.50), Rogan Ashton 85th (51.01), Ben Cousens 90th (51.15) and Laura Martin 92nd (and second female senior – 51.19).

Continuing, Tom Paget 105th (51.56), Hugh Pearson 124th 52.45, Karen Best 130th (53.06), Renee Saxton 211th (56.10), second claim member Sharron Smith 212th (56.13), Paul Clifford 254th (57.50), Phil Robinson 261st (58.11), Bob Baker 296th (59.34), Sarah McBrinn 395th (62.56) and Tom Hannah 412th (63.47).

Again continuing, Don Buffham 426th (64.24), second claim member Dominic Egan 479th (66.41), Martin Weston 514th (68.03), Liza Jackson 519th (68.08), Robert Jackson 520th (68.13), Ralph Haughton 528th (68.26), Mary Hampshire 638th (74.22), James Kennedy 675th (76.54) and Sarah Tomlinson 724th (79.59).

An informative review of the history of the Chevin Chase which this year is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary in the Wharfedale Observer.

Additional details, past photos and results can also be obtained from Aire Centre Pacers.

OAC photos from Club Photos and also from Simon Anderson here.

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