Sunday 28th March – Wakefield 10km

Sunday 28th March – Wakefield 10km

Report from Jack & Kath Robertshaw:

The start was outside Clarence Park which is named as Thornes Park on the Ordnance Survey Map. This caused a little confusion as the given directions to the start were not very user friendly.

A timing chip was incorporated in the race number. The out and back route on closed roads provided a reasonable running line however care had to be taken during the first and last km as there were numerous potholes in the road surface. A very strong head wind was experienced during all of the first 5km. The road to Horbury has numerous long inclines and a final much steeper one prior to the u-turn at 5km.

Fewer climbs made the second half much easier. At one point we were suddenly buffeted by a gust of wind from our left. A final short climb to the finishing line provided that extra challenge. A wire had been rigged over both the starting and finishing line for timing purposes. I was stopped by an official, after the finishing line, waving what looked like a table tennis bat over my number. Had the technology over the finishing line failed or was he providing back up? A slip of paper was thrust into my hand by an official inviting me to join the Wakefield based Rodhegians Running Club but I don’t think I will be joining a Wakefield based club….

The winner was Mark Warmby (Newham) in 31.07 and there were 1,190 finishers.

For OAC, Jack was 268th in 45.41 and was first MV65. Laura Taylor finished 398th in 48.06 and Kath was 441st in 49.07 (again first FV65 and beat all the 60 year olds too, not bad for the oldest women in the race!). All chip times. This means Kath has now moved into the lead in the 2010 British 10km rankings for over 65.

Results from ukresults with more details from wakefieldhospice.

An OAC nominated Club Runner of the Year event.

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