Sunday 9th May – Leeds Half Marathon

Sunday 9th May – Leeds Half Marathon

A report on this Club Runner of the Year event from Neil Charlton:

Glorious sunshine and blue skies were replaced with a light wind and cloud for the start. The large buildings near Millennium Square creating perfect wind tunnels to make it feel much colder than it actually was. John Dade battled with the decision of wearing a long sleeved shirt or not? Opting for a yes – he put it on knowing he would be taking it off a few miles into the race.

The start was quite fast with a very slight downhill for the first couple of miles. I knew I was running too fast at this point averaging about 6.5 min/miles (according to my Garmin) but carried on anyway. At about 2.5 miles the hills started on the way up Meanwood Road to the ring road. The sun also came out at this point and was really quite strong as the wind had dropped off as well.

I continued hard on the pace obviously slowing a little for the hill. It was at this point I started struggling. Instead of slowing right down I pressed ahead feeling a stitch coming on my left side. Thinking I could just run through I pressed on up to the ring road. At this point there was a long down hill which I should have been flying down. Instead I could barely manage to get my breath and get any faster than about 7.5 min mile pace.

Knowing that there was one more big hill left before the long slow decent back down Kirkstall Road I battled with my stitch and breathing. At 8 miles I wanted to stop and knew I had overdone it. Popping into the runner toilets I was quickly ill and then continued on at a much slower pace, walking in parts and knowing I had made a big mistake of trying too hard to soon and finishing eight minutes behind my PB time. Lesson learned!

The race with 2,785 finishers was won by Andrew Pearson (Longwood) in 65.54.

For OAC (overall positions and chip times) Liam Dunne finished 28th (79.21), second claim member Richard Clarke 279th (94.41), Neil Charlton 411th (99.34), John Dade 610th (102.22), Colin Best 637th (104.24), Laura Taylor 1,93rd (108.29 – congratulations, a pb!), Billy Rayner 1,150th (111.22), Sue Tupling 1,306th (114.04), Richard Cross 1,623rd (117.48) and Sara Richard 1,750th (121.44).

Any other OAC members?

More details from Leeds Half Marathon and results from TDL.

Race preview in the yorkshireeveningpost and report at bbcnews.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 9th May – Leeds Half Marathon

  1. The residents of Stonegate Lane were treated to an exciting and rare glimpse of my finely toned paunch as I removed said shirt. Didn’t make me any quicker!

    Two other results to add
    Sue Tupling 1306th in 114.04
    Colin Best 812th in 103.54

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