Hutton Roof Fell Race – 29th May 2010

Hutton Roof Fell Race – 29th May 2010

7ml 1300ft

The finish of my holiday coincided with this fell race. I have done it before and enjoyed it but the weather this time nearly put me off. Heavy rain increasing wind and cold wasn’t an inspiring start but I had packed my gloves so no excuse. Shame about the gala associated with the race but the llamas were feeling better once there jackets were in place.

As for the run this is largely a trail race, however the is very steep scree slope to climb up and some very slippery limestone to negotiate.

!st Tom Addison                  48.50

143 A Srivastava                 70.55 (sorry didn’t see you there)

172 C Best                          75.11

237 finishers

Full results from

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