Sunday 25th July – Harrogate 10k

Sunday 25th July – Harrogate 10k

The race was won by Darran Bilton (Leeds City) in 31.48 and for OAC well done to Peter Kettleborough 61st (40.55), Mick Jeffrey 143rd (44.35), Mark Berry 158th (45.14), Phil Robinson 187th (46.31), Tom Potter 236th (48.37 – a pb), Colin Best 251st (49.17), Billy Rayner 319th (51.24) and Richard Cross 435th (56.23).

More details and results from harrogateharriers with photos from sportsunday.

An OAC Runner of the Year event

3 thoughts on “Sunday 25th July – Harrogate 10k

  1. looking at the times for this race I was struck by the decline in the average speed compared with a few years ago; at Harrogate only 7.5% of 611 runners came under 40 minutes, so I was still in the top third with 46.31; compare with (for example) skipton 10k 1993 – 134 of 398 (34%) of finishers came under 40 minutes, so with 41.23 I was only just in top half. Are there fewer quick runners these days, or don’t they do 10ks?

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