Thursday 29th July – The Otley Dream Mile

Thursday 29th July – The Otley Dream Mile

Despite the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona clashing with the scheduling of OAC’s Dream Mile, there was plenty to cheer at the Beckett Park track in Leeds as Racheal Bamford set a new ladies Club Record, beating Joan Cubbon’s long-standing time of 5.34.


  1. Zack Whitehead 5.11
  2. Racheal Bamford 5.15
  3. Lloyd Best 5.44
  4. Karen Best 6.09
  5. Mick Jeffrey 6.19
  6. Dominic Egan 6.25
  7. Colin Best 7.01
  8. Antonio Cardinale 8.25

Great to see Zack returning to running after his knee operation.

The Club’s next track race is the 3,000m on Thursday 26th August which incorporates both a Club Runner of the Year event and also Club Handicap race for the month.

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