Saturday 31st July – Thunder Run 24

Saturday 31st July – Thunder Run 24

Report from Josie Hodgetts:

One thousand runners took part in the second Thunder Run 24 at Catton Park Nr Lichfield and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

Adidas invited me to trial some products. This consisted of wearing lots of free kit, doing a couple of on camera interviews, consuming lots free food and drink all weekend and also taking part in the Thunder Run 24 event.

Competitors have 24hrs to complete as many laps of a 10k trail route in relay teams of two, five, eight or for the totally unhinged…Solo! The challenging course was brilliantly planned out with hills, twists n’ turns, woods, great views and plenty of points for your team mates to cheer you on. There was a festival atmosphere amongst the tented village, event catering provided tasty carbs whilst the toilets and showers were better than I have in my house!

I joined a scratch team of other entrants from around the country, all of whom I’d now class as friends for life. There were some very talented athletes: this included one sub 2.30 marathon runner and the number one vet in the country for 5k,10k and half marathon. I managed to secure a place for Justin from Ilkley Harriers too.

The event was so far removed from my normal diet of 10k road races and I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it.

My legs:
Leg 15:00hrs – 42 mins
Leg 2 20:00hrs -42 mins
Leg 3 04:30hrs – 43mins – Utterly surreal and what this event is all about, thestart/finish area packed with people. Battling my body clock and trying not to get lost in the woods (43mins)
Leg 4 12:00hrs – My legs were shot to bits but at least it was light andI’d been promised a slab of carrot cake at the end. I was told to run slower so we didn’t have to do too many laps before the finish as we had
secured 4th place and 3rd place was out of our reach 47 mins.

For the record the leading solo competitor completed a mind boggling 20 laps, that’s 126 miles in 24hrs. My team came fourth in our category and fifth overall out of over 100.

I have no soreness in my knee.yipeee but I’m stiff as a board 😉

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