Friday 24th September – Club Training Nights

Friday 24th September – Club Training Nights

OAC’s talented veteran and Sports Masseur Mark Hall offers to lead a group on Tuesdays and Thursdays working on having tempo runs at a 6.30/40 pace and these would be run at a consistent pace with nobody running faster and splitting the group. The distance would be 7/8 miles.

This would be ideal for those of running at 68 min pace or less for 10 mile. If this pace is too quick then Mick Jeffrey will take another group (Tuesday only) at 7.00/15 pace equivalent to 70 – 72 min for 10 mile.

Don’t be afraid to try this type of training as tempo runs are the best way to improve your speed endurance before fine tuning your form with interval training.

Any questions feel free to contact either Mark or Mick.

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