Sunday 3rd October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Sunday 3rd October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Report from Fell Captain, Andrew Robertshaw:

66 teams (or was that 65…?) set off in the IHMR from a very wet Brotherswater campsite at the slightly earlier than normal time of 9:30. The rest of the Otley team had wandered up the track at the start to cheer on Laura and Karen on their way into the misty hills. However none of us managed to spot either of Laura or Karen, must have been because they had their full body cover on, or so we thought.

However not, the two Otley runners gave everyone else a bit of a start (five mins or so) whilst they were keeping dry in their car. Carol who had run a bit further up the course spotted the pair and gave them the required ‘encouragement’, as only Carol can….

Visibility was so poor at the Leg 2 change-over at Kirkstone Pass that the runners couldn’t be seen negotiating the tricky rocky descent off Red Screes which is less than 50m from the change-over point. Despite the late start Laura and Karen ran well to finish with an ‘official’ time of 1:22:25 (53rd).

John Armitstead and Huw Illingworth ran the next leg to Hartsop taking in the summit of High Street in conditions that were slowly improving. They didn’t have any navigational problems and ran down to Hartsop in 1:15:54 (40th) after leaving Kirkstone Pass.

Pange and Renee took on the baton / dibber for the next leg to Patterdale via Angle Tarn and ran so well (52:04 – 42nd), about a minute quicker than last year, that we, that is myself and Andy Hunt, were caught by surprise at the final leg change-over and weren’t ready to go… so probably lost a minute or so at the change-over and another minute or so taking off the water proofs later en-route.

With plenty of teams around us we passed a few on the long climb to St Sunday Crag and Fairfield.

The conditions were now improving to such an extent that Morecambe Bay could be seen from the summit of Fairfield, not that Andy was taking in the views. After a short run to Hart Crag we descended back into the mist before a steep, near vertical descent, which is much faster sliding down on your backside than running, you just have too look out for the odd rock, but it is lots of fun!

We finished in a time of just 5:06:15 seconds for 37th out of the 66 starting teams and fifth mixed team.

Full results on sportident and the sun came out as the prize presentation finished…..

p.s. Next year’s training weekend will hopefully based from Patterdale so plenty of opportunity to reccie the legs for next year….

Results from Sportident.

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