Saturday 13th November – The Tour of Pendle

Saturday 13th November – The Tour of Pendle

OAC’s Matt Podd reports:

The many of us, all back safely from this venture over t’border to play in the Tour of Pendle – AL fell race (16.8 miles / 4,830′) organised by Clayton Le Moors Harriers.

All weather fell racing – we had it all. Sun, rain, hail, sleet and it changed every five minutes. The over-riding impression though was cold, wet and slippery underfoot. The racw was won by James Logue (Calder Valley) 2:27:34 and Lynne Clough (Chorley) 3:07:56.

Results from above:

Ben Cousen 113th 3:23:54, Renee Saxton 114th 3:24:17, Laura Martin 122nd 3:25:29, Sharron Smith 172nd 3:39:21, James Sneath 182nd 3:41:25, Martin Smillie 213th 3:49:16, Colin Best 237th 3:55:45, Matt Podd 238th 3:58:40 and Hugh Pearson

Photos from Clayton-le-Moors Harriers.

This is not your average fell race – some say the most contrived in the FRA calendar.

You cross back and forth over Pendle Hill visiting the top twice and all the satellite summits and after each top you go back down to ground level – this makes for some very steep ascents x5 which are only matched by some of the descents.

To have completed this is a minor achievement.

Still I’ve now done it!

3 thoughts on “Saturday 13th November – The Tour of Pendle

  1. That was one of the hardest races I’ve ever done. The final 3 ascents were almost vertical and the descents in between had a similar precipitous gradient. I was going OK until the penultimate climb, after which I lost the will to live. With horizontal hail abrading the skin from my legs I ended up run/walking to the finish where I difficulty changing thaks to the hypothermic shivering that afficted all my limbs. Never again (for the next 12 months anyway).

  2. Sure you will be back next year Hugh… You looked really strong early on… glad to hear you’re still alive anyway. I had weird things going on on that last hill too. But great team running with Renee and Laura (even though Laura said the last hill was going to be easy)…

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