Saturday 27th November – Kinnity Castle Half Marathon (Irl)

Saturday 27th November – Kinnity Castle Half Marathon (Irl)

liamdunneReport from Liam Dunne on today’s inaugural Kinnity Castle Half Marathon:

It was run in bitter cold conditions with a light snow fall. There were approx 400 on the start line including Ireland’s female marathon representative from the Beijing Olympics, Pauline Curley.

The course (quick youtube video here!) consisted of quiet back roads, mainly flat with a little undulation so I was hoping to beat my PB of 1hr 19mins and approx 30secs.

With the help of my Garmin I managed to maintain an even pace throughout and finish in fourth position with a new PB of 75.25. I was absolutely delighted with my time and have to put my improved time down to Mark Hall’s regular club ‘Tempo’ runs!

However postscript per comments below, due to an organisational error, the race was only 12.6 miles.

The race was won by Paul Buckley (Ferbane A.C.) in 69.44 with results from precisiontiming.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 27th November – Kinnity Castle Half Marathon (Irl)

  1. Liam
    Really good PB, think you can go a lot faster you have the talent. Thanks for the mention but I only suggested a different form of training you did the hard work, you know how it goes you get out what you put in.
    Well done.
    (first ever comment)

  2. Good stuff Liam. I’d love to say I ran a half marathon PB as well of 1.20.46 but unfortunately, it was a 12.6 mile PB. Fair play on your very fast time.

  3. Thanks for that, I’ve now gone from feeling very pleased to feeling like a bit of a fraud! I have contacted the organiser via email in order to find out if there was any other queries/complaints?… as the website states that the course was offically measured By the AAI

  4. My greatest fear has been confirmed in a response from the organiser of the Kinnity half marathon! Anyone out for a few speed sessions?!


    I am embarrassed to advise and disappoint you when I confirm that the course measured 12.6 miles and not 13.1 miles.
    The course was measured accurately by AAI personnel.
    However in error we set out the wrong left turn after mile 10.
    As a result competitors were given a course which was half a mile short of the standard half marathon.
    I sincerely apologise for this cardinal error on our part.
    As a competitive person myself I fully understand your disappointment and regret being the cause of your disappointment.


  5. Liam

    Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you work it out you would have still done a PB by a minute or so, you are going in the right direction. At least you accept that it was short I know lots of people who claim PBs knowing the course is short.


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