Monday 20th December – A Message from Perth (Aus)

Monday 20th December – A Message from Perth (Aus)

OAC member Neil Charlton emails in with a couple of his photos as well:

Just getting used to the heat and the burning sun here in Perth.


People are under the illusion that it’s more of an outdoor life here. It is to some extent but on some days its best to stay inside with the curtains drawn and the aircon down low. We’ve had some 40C+ days.

I’m not too far from the WACA where the third Ashes Test has just finished – about two miles away actually.

I looked at tickets but they wanted $250 for a poor seat (which is about £200) so decided against it. Good job too as I’ve just seen that England lost anyway.


I managed to get gout in Indonesia by drinking beer and eating seafood solidly for ten days and it has only just gone away but I’m looking at getting back on track asap. With it being summer here, it’s only really possible to train in the dark either before 8am or after 8pm.

Looking at a change of career here too. Seriously, you get paid a fortune for labouring in the mines.

3 thoughts on “Monday 20th December – A Message from Perth (Aus)

  1. Looks awful Neil. You could be here in Yorkshire enjoying the snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures. All my sympathies are with you 😉

  2. Cheers hugh. Most of the time you can get through the heat, its just sometimes its a bit overpowering. You guys will have a big heating bill, ours will be a big aircon bill !

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