Sunday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Sunday 26th December – Chevin Chase

SDC11084This year’s Chevin Chase (course map here)was won by Jonathan Brownlee (Bingley Harriers) in 38.35 ahead of Tim Midgley (Bingley Harriers) in 39.47 and Graham Pearce (Pudsey & Bramley) in 41.04.

For OAC, Bob Addey finished 26th (45.33), Rogan Ashton 28th (46.07), Andrew Robertshaw 89th (50.05), Laura Martin 92nd (and first FV40) (50.17) and Chris Stacey 95th (50.24).

Continuing, Renee Saxton 128th (51.40), Peter Kettleborough 164th (53.10), James Sneath 176th (53.51), Andy Hunt 181st (54.01), Phil Robinson 248th (56.50), Hugh Pearson 263rd (57.22) and Tom Potter 267th (57.28).

Colin Best 324th (60.03), John Dade 356th (61.10), Graham Stead 374th (62.04), Dominic Egan 395th (63.07), Liz Fawcett 417th (64.15), Simon Anderson 429th (64.48), Martin Weston 508th (69.37) and Liz Ashton 521st (70.15).

Caron Ralph 554th (72.17), Julie Dorling 589th (74.51), Sara Richard 590th (74.55), Tom Hannah 607th (75.56) and Steve Haywood 628th (77.14).

That’s 25 OAC members competing.

There are race reports in both the Telegraph & Argus and Wharfedale Observer.

An OAC Runner of the Year event.

Some pictures in Club Photos.

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