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Sunday 30th January – Pennine Bridleway Relay

Sharron Smith texts in:

“Just to report we’ve had a fab Pennine Bridleway Relay covering five paired legs over 45 miles and finishing 34th overall (5:56:30) out of 104 teams! Fourth mixed team and Laura Martin and Renee Saxton fastest ladies leg! So looking forward to the next relay, we may try for a ladies team!”

The overall event was won by Salford Harriers (4:49:10).

Leg 1 (8.5 miles) Pange Srivastava & Sharron Smith – 74.58 (68th position)
Leg 2 (12.5 miles) Andrew Robertshaw & Huw Illingworth – 93.48 (41st position + 27 places)
Leg 3 (9 miles) Lloyd Best & Karen Best – 68.51 (37th position + 4 places)
Leg 4 (5.5 miles) Renee Saxton & Laura Martin – 43.13 (33rd position + 4 places)
Leg 5 (9.5 miles) John Armitstead & Ben Cousen – 75.40 (34th position – 1 place)

Results from Sportident.

Read last year’s report here.

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Thursday 27th January – Dirab Half Marathon (KSA)

dirabhalfjan11_2Report from Nick Hodgkinson:

This event was held at Dirab Golf Course, somewhere in the desert approximately 30 miles South of Riyadh.

When I looked on the Golf Club website, I had imagined running on grass in beautiful green surroundings. I could not have been more wrong. Yes, the golf course was really attractive but the race was actually out and back on a concrete road in to the desert, three times.

The temperature on the day was touching 30C, with no shade. The race was unbelievably hard and at the end of the first ‘lap’ I was fit to drop. However, I have promised myself that I will have a bash at the Marathon in about 4 weeks time, so I pressed on.


At the end of the second ‘lap’ the time keeper suggested that I stopped – I must have been a sorry sight. Anyway, I swore a bit and carried on. By now I was totally dehydrated, even though I stopped and had 2 or 3 drinks at every drink station. I was still drinking non-stop nearly 24 hours later. I was a real mess on the last ‘lap’ but eventually made it to the final turn round point, only to find out that everyone who had previously been been behind me had dropped out at the end of lap 2. At the end of the race I collapsed on to the prayer mat thoughtfully provided by the race organisers.

Out of 60 starters, 24 dropped out leaving me last in 36th position. My time? – I’m not telling

(although results here)


The Marathon is at the same venue and is out and back in to the desert six times – help!!

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Otley A.C. joins Social Media Revolution

Otley A.C. has entered the world of social media – yes, we now have Twitter and Facebook pages which will work in tandem with the club’s website while also, hopefully, encouraging more interaction between us all.

And because of the way you can share the information via them we should all be encouraged to let our non-running friends know what we are up to, and who knows, they might be inspired to join us one night!

For those of you who are not familiar with Facebook and Twitter they will act as forums for the Club where we can all publicise and promote events, sell, swap or recommend equipment, beg or offer lifts to races and even see if anyone fancies a run outside of the normal club nights or to just meet up for a drink.

Assuming you already have Facebook or Twitter accounts then access through the links on the right-hand side. Alternatively the Twitter address is @otleyac and Facebook can be found by searching for Otley AC and clicking on the one which is described as a company, then click like on the “like” icon.

Twitter is quite formal and if you follow Otley AC it will follow you. Relevant messages that you post can then be reposted (aka retweeted).

Facebook will not follow you but will be able to share your messages to the other followers, send out event invites and post club news.

And for those of you with a smartphone you’ll be able to get instant updates from Twitter and Facebook whenever something new is posted.

But of course, these sites don’t work by themselves so the day to day running will initially be handled by Richard Hamer. He will be monitoring what’s being posted and will then share the info when necessary.

If anyone wants help with how Facebook and Twitter work, or even on setting up accounts (and you don’t necessarily need both) then you can email Richard or grab him before or after training.

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Sunday 23rd January – Stanbury Splash Fell Race near Haworth

Sharron Smith reports on this 7 miles / 1,200′ fell race won by Chris Steele (Borrowdale) in 42.30 that for OAC, Renee Saxton finished 121st and as seventh lady (and first FV35!?) in 57.37 just one place ahead of Chris Stacey in 122nd (57.38).

Pange Srivastava finished 215th (64.37) again just ahead of Sharron Smith 217th (64.47), Colin Best 326th (72.25), Graham Stead 338th (74.49) and Mary Hampshire 389th (87.49).

More details, photos and results from woodentops.

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Sunday 23rd January – Brass Monkey Half Marathon @ York

More details from knavesmireharriers.

The race was won by Paul Martelletti (Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets / New Zealand) in 65.21.

For OAC (all chip times), Simon Anderson finished 72nd (80.30), Mick Jeffrey 273rd (90.12), Hugh Pearson 508th (96.51), Tom Potter 720th (103.51 – a p.b.), Billy Rayner 805th (105.19), Sara Richard 1,218th (120.17 – a p.b.) and Julie Dorling 1,240th (120.50 – a p.b. by over eleven minutes).

Results from ukresults with photos and video from flamingphotography.

Report on


Saturday 22nd January – Box Hill Fell Race, Surrey

OAC’s Tom Midgley reports that he finished eighteenth (56:28) in the Box Hill Fell Race (7.5 miles / 1,700′ ascent).

The race was won again by James McMullan (Thames Hare & Hounds) in 46.55. Results from sloweb.

Interestingly, OAC had four members in last year’s race – report here.

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Saturday 22nd January – Ticknock Winter Fell Race (Irl)

Liam Dunne reports that 165 runners competed in the Ticknock Winter Fell Race (10km / 417m ascent).

The winner was Eoin Keith (Irish international ultra runner who knows OAC’s Chris Carver!) in 43.58.

Liam finished an excellent second just a few seconds behind the winner in 44.04 and he in turn was just ahead of Dave Wilby (Ilkley Harriers) who came home in third (44.23).

There is a race report and photo of Liam on mudsweat&tears.

First lady was Emma Donlan (51.09) with results from

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Saturday 22nd January – Park Run Finsbury Park 5km

From parkrun, the winner of the race was Benn Thomas (Serpentine) in 17.34.

For OAC, Huw Illingworth finished an impressive ninth (18.35).

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Saturday 15th January – Square & Compass Handicap @ North Rigton

The first monthly Club Handicap for 2011 was the Square & Compass 10km approximate road circuit from North Rigton and was well attended with 24 members taking part.  Carol takes an early lead in the this year’s handicap table finishing just ahead of Tom and it was good to Nick making the long journey from Saudi Arabia so he could run in the strong winds & rain of Yorkshire….

Pos Name Time H’cap Net Time Pts
1 Carol Armitstead 57:54 4:00 53;54 24
2 Tom Hannah 58:11 6:00 52:11 23
3 Tom Potter 58:59 13:00 45:59 22
4 Phil Robinson 59:05 14:00 45:05 21
5 Matt Broughton 59:17 13:00 46:17 20
6 Mark Berry 59:55 14:00 45:55 19
7 Ian Fisher 60:14 27:00 33:14 18
8 Richard Hamer 60:18 9:00 51:18 17
9 Ben Cousen 60:23 20:00 40:23 16
10 Nick Hodgkinson 60:24 9:00 51:24 15
11 Julian Mawson 60:36 23:30 37:06 14
12 Mick Jeffrey 60:38 19:00 41:38 13
13 Dominic Egan 60:51 12:00 48:51 12
14 Liz Fawcett 61:10 11:00 50:10 11
15 Billy Rayner 61:15 12:00 49:15 10
16 Graham Stead 61:18 13:00 48:18 9
17 Matt Podd 61:30 16:00 45:30 8
18 Tom Midgley 61:41 25:30 36:11 7
19 Liz Ashton 61:43 9:00 52:43 6
20 John Armitstead 61:55 19:00 42:55 5
21 Caron Ralph 62:05 9:00 53:05 4
22 Sara Richard 62:16 9:00 53:16 3
23 Lloyd Best 62:49 22;00 40:49 2
24 Antonio Cardinale 64:19 0:00 64:19 1

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Wednesday 12th January – 2010 Club Rankings

Kindly produced by Kath Robertshaw, details now available from the Club Records & Rankings page.

Any amendments please notify Kath.

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