Otley A.C. joins Social Media Revolution

Otley A.C. joins Social Media Revolution

Otley A.C. has entered the world of social media – yes, we now have Twitter and Facebook pages which will work in tandem with the club’s website while also, hopefully, encouraging more interaction between us all.

And because of the way you can share the information via them we should all be encouraged to let our non-running friends know what we are up to, and who knows, they might be inspired to join us one night!

For those of you who are not familiar with Facebook and Twitter they will act as forums for the Club where we can all publicise and promote events, sell, swap or recommend equipment, beg or offer lifts to races and even see if anyone fancies a run outside of the normal club nights or to just meet up for a drink.

Assuming you already have Facebook or Twitter accounts then access through the links on the right-hand side. Alternatively the Twitter address is @otleyac and Facebook can be found by searching for Otley AC and clicking on the one which is described as a company, then click like on the “like” icon.

Twitter is quite formal and if you follow Otley AC it will follow you. Relevant messages that you post can then be reposted (aka retweeted).

Facebook will not follow you but will be able to share your messages to the other followers, send out event invites and post club news.

And for those of you with a smartphone you’ll be able to get instant updates from Twitter and Facebook whenever something new is posted.

But of course, these sites don’t work by themselves so the day to day running will initially be handled by Richard Hamer. He will be monitoring what’s being posted and will then share the info when necessary.

If anyone wants help with how Facebook and Twitter work, or even on setting up accounts (and you don’t necessarily need both) then you can email Richard or grab him before or after training.

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