Thursday 27th January – Dirab Half Marathon (KSA)

Thursday 27th January – Dirab Half Marathon (KSA)

dirabhalfjan11_2Report from Nick Hodgkinson:

This event was held at Dirab Golf Course, somewhere in the desert approximately 30 miles South of Riyadh.

When I looked on the Golf Club website, I had imagined running on grass in beautiful green surroundings. I could not have been more wrong. Yes, the golf course was really attractive but the race was actually out and back on a concrete road in to the desert, three times.

The temperature on the day was touching 30C, with no shade. The race was unbelievably hard and at the end of the first ‘lap’ I was fit to drop. However, I have promised myself that I will have a bash at the Marathon in about 4 weeks time, so I pressed on.


At the end of the second ‘lap’ the time keeper suggested that I stopped – I must have been a sorry sight. Anyway, I swore a bit and carried on. By now I was totally dehydrated, even though I stopped and had 2 or 3 drinks at every drink station. I was still drinking non-stop nearly 24 hours later. I was a real mess on the last ‘lap’ but eventually made it to the final turn round point, only to find out that everyone who had previously been been behind me had dropped out at the end of lap 2. At the end of the race I collapsed on to the prayer mat thoughtfully provided by the race organisers.

Out of 60 starters, 24 dropped out leaving me last in 36th position. My time? – I’m not telling

(although results here)


The Marathon is at the same venue and is out and back in to the desert six times – help!!

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