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Sunday 27th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

ilkleyfr_andrewThis 5 mile / 1,260′ race was won by Graham Pearce (Pudsey & Bramley) in 37.20.

Second-claim OAC member Matthew John finished eighth (40.49) and he was followed shortly afterwards by Andrew Robertshaw in eighteenth (42.41).


Ben Cousen finished 43rd (46.42), Huw Illingworth 46th (47.09), Pange Srivastava 140th (59.07), Sarah Fuller 201st (67.15) and Graham Stead 214th (72.11).


Full details, results and photos from ilkleyharriers.

OAC photos right courtesy of Adam Baird and in descending order are Andrew, Ben and Huw (click on each image to enlarge).

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Sunday 27th February – Pocklington Snake Lane 10 Miles

mickjeffrey_pock11Organised by Pocklington Runners, the race was won by Ricky Stevenson (New Marske Harriers) in 48.03 beating his own course record set in 2009 by 44 seconds.

For OAC, Julian Mawson finished 22nd (and second MV40) (58.04), Mick Jeffrey 128th (68.04) and Billy Rayner 398th (83.54).

You can also read about Billy’s training for the London Marathon from an article in this week’s Yorkshire Evening Post here.


Results from ukresults and photos from TAimages. A few pictures in Club Photos.

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Saturday 26th February – Park Run Leeds 5km

From parkrun, this week’s race was won by John Convery (Wakefield) in 17.06.

For OAC, Simon Anderson finished 31st (20.23) and Tom Potter recorded a massive personal best by one minute and nine seconds finishing 44th (21.02).


Sunday 20th February – Trooperstown Hill Fell Race (Irl)

OAC’s Liam Dunne texts in:

“Somehow managed to win the low key Trooperstown Hill Fell Race (10.6km / 380m ascent) but haven’t got any results as had a nasty fall with a mile and a half to go. Currently in A & E with large gash to knee…. the price you pay when you push it!”.

From the results, Liam won in 45.42, ahead of Peter O’Farrell (45.57) and Adrian Hennessy (46.11).

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Saturday 19th February – Ovenden Fell Race

OAC’s Dale Foster texts in:

“Finished eighth (65.59) and was in the prizes with a four pack of beer. Sadly no pie and peas despite the harsh and snowy conditions. The race was won by Adam Osborne (Leeds City) in 60.46.”.

Details of the race (8 miles / 1,200′) from fellrunner with results also from fellrunner.

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Sunday 13th February – Stamford St Valentines 30k

Report from Karen Best:

Most girls get flowers for Valentine’s day but not me….I got an entry for the St Valentines 30k road race in Stamford!

The course is described as undulating. Lots of grinding long hills with quick descents and I don’t actually remember there being much flat running. No rain, lots of water stops and jelly babies all mixed in with plenty of local support made for a really enjoyable run.

We were the fourth Valentine pair (cumulative times count), narrowly missing third place by 32 seconds. The first pair came in with an impressive cumulative time of 3:43:51!!

Lloyd was 100th in 2:13:00 and Karen 129th in 2:16:17 (second FV40) (our cumulative chip time was 4:29:17).

Sunday lunch was the highlight of my day though!

The race was won by Neil Renault (Edinburgh) in 1:39:07. Results from stuweb.

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Sunday 13th February – St Wilfrid’s Muddy Boots 10km (approx)

Report from jack Robertshaw:

A wet and windy day promised a race that would live up to its name.

The start was just outside St Wilfrids Primary School. This was only a short walk from Ripon Cricket Club. The first few kilometres were on roads with a number of sharp turns. I recognised sections of The Sanctuary Way we walked in 2010. Passing the Army Camp the road narrowed. At the nearby farm we were directed left over a field down to a footbridge. From this point we were out in the country. A long convoluted traverse, with frequent changes in direction, on muddy farm tracks and field edges brought us back to the footbridge. The return to the finish at the school was more direct with the final part of the race over extensive playing fields.

The mud, wind and undulating topography were a challenge. It would have been an advantage to have a closer look at the displayed route map. I was too concerned by the figure of eight route on the country section and missed the 10.5km written at the top. I was counting down from the markers how far to go and the last kilometre appeared to go on forever. The Club had a good turnout and all ran well considering the underfoot conditions and the weather. I must apologise to Justina. I had not seen her at the start and had left to get some dry clothes on before she finished. Some of our members ran without a club vest on. For those who have not got a club vest I will bring the stock down on Tuesday and Thursday training night. They cost £16, cheque payable to Otley A.C.

From ukresults, the race was won by Mike Appleton (Ripon Runners) in 37.36.

For OAC, Jack Robertshaw finished 74th (and first MV65) in 50.18, Tom Hannah 101st (53.17), Nina Kenworthy 131st (56.21) and Richard Hamer 135th (56.40).

Caron Ralph 146th (57.30), Don Buffham 150th (57.44), Liz Ashton 151st (57.48), Hannah Mallinson 177th (60.59) and Justina Stringer 200th (66.27).

More details from riponrunners.


Sunday 13th February – Liversedge Half Marathon

Organised by roberttownroadrunners, with results from the above website and also from ukresults.

The race was won by Ben Crowther (Halifax) in 76.31 and for OAC, Tom Potter finished 188th (108.36) and Billy Rayner 275th (118.20).

Photographs from flamingphotography and Andrew Thrippleton.

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Saturday 12th February – Club Handicap @ Harewood

The latest monthly Club Handicap was the 4.25 mile route around Harewood and was won for a consecutive time by Carol Armitstead and extends her lead to 14 ponts ahead of Ben in second on 36 pts.

Despite the Club’s Presentation Night being held the evening before, this not deter a large turnout including a large number of those that had enjoyed the fabulous fare at Korks. The weather for the Handicap was pleasantly spring-like although the overnight rain had created a number of slippery sections on the trails.

Carol held off a strong finish from Jackie, with a longer gap before Andy just held off  Tom Midgley recording the fastest time of the day.  It was good to see Julie and Lottie running their first handicap & thanks to Jack & Colin for marking the route, making sure no one got lost,  although Phil, who has run a few more completing his 150, thought it might be improved by going on a course in flour arranging

Pos Name Time H’cap Net Time Pts
1 Carol Armitstead 42:39 04:00 38:39 26
2 Jackie Ackroyd 42:43 07:00 35:43 25
3 Andy Ackroyd 44:16 10:00 34:16 24
4 Tom Midgley 44:20 18:30 25:50 23
5 Graham Stead 44:25 10:00 34:25 22
6 Sue Tupling 44:27 08:00 36:27 21
7 Ben Cousen 44:29 16:00 28:29 20
8 Matt Podd 44:34 13:00 31:34 19
9 Julie Dorling 44:37 04:00 40:37 18
10 Mick Jeffrey 44:45 14:00 30:45 17
11 Liz Fawcett 44:48 09:00 35:48 16
12 Mark Berry 45:02 12:00 33:02 15
13 Julian Mawson 45:06 18:00 27:06 14
14 Tom Potter 45:25 12:00 33:25 13
15 Liz Ashton 45:28 06:00 39:28 12
16 Phil Robinson 45:45 12:00 33:45 11
17 Matt Broughton 45:49 13:00 32:49 10
18 Colin Best 45:57 10:00 35:57 9
19 Paul Clifford 46:08 12:00 34:08 8
20 Nick Hodgkinson 46:19 09:00 37:19 7
21 Billy Rayner 46:32 10:00 36:32 6
22 Richard Hamer 46:33 09:00 37:33 5
23 Kath Robertshaw 46:59 03:00 43:59 4
24 Ann Stead 48:44 09:00 39:44
25 Lottie Cullingford 49:25 00:00 49:25 3
26 Antonio Cardinale 49:28 00:00 49:28 2
27 Tom Hannah 54:14 07:00 47:14 1

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Friday 11th February – Club Presentation Night


There was a record attendance by members, partners and friends of Otley A.C. at the Club’s annual Presentation Night at Korks on Friday 11th February.

A most enjoyable night of conversation and camaraderie was matched by a fabulous four course meal, Presentation hosted by the Club’s President, Mick Jeffery and ended with a video montage above prepared by Simon Anderson highlighting Otley A.C.’s past year in photos.

Mick awared the Club’s Handicap Trophy to Graham Stead as winner for 2010 and Mick was then himself presented by former Club President, Tom Hannah, with the Runner of the Year Trophy for 2010.

The President’s Trophy was presented to Hugh Pearson for his outstanding contribution to the setting-up and running of the Club’s Junior Section and the Club’s coached training night sessions.

Guest of honour was the Club’s Honorary Life Vice President, Eric Smith, and Mick highlighted Eric’s formidable performances as an accomplished International runner during the 1950’s representing England in the 1954 European Games, 1955 Koscice International Marathon of Peace in Czechoslovakia and the 1958 Empire Games. Eric recorded times of 2.22.32 for the Marathon and 50.32 for Ten Miles at a time when running shoe technology was no more than a pair of Woolworths Plimsoles!

At the end of 1989, Eric was interviewed for the Club’s newsletter by Phil Dean in which Eric gives details of his running career and tips to runners….this is now available as four pages from the links below. Read and enjoy!





Pictures from the Presentation Night are also now available from Club Photos.

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