Friday 4th March – Riyadh Marathon (KSA)

Friday 4th March – Riyadh Marathon (KSA)

Saudi Arabia 2011 010[2]Report from OAC’s Nick Hodgkinson:

Hi all, well I did it (finished the Riyadh Marathon that is). Either of the two headlines below would be accurate…..

Nick Hodgkinson finishes eighteenth in today’s Riyadh Marathon and in doing so sets a new Saudi PB for the Marathon. Nick now heads up the Club’s 2011 rankings for the Marathon.


Nick Hodgkinson struggles to finish in today’s Riyadh Marathon and finishes second to last in a miserable PW of 5 hours, 01 minute, 08 seconds.

Saudi Arabia 2011 016[1]

Despite my time, I actually did enjoy this event. Again, it was held at the beautiful Dirab Golf Course.

Although I had to increasingly break into a walk during the sixth lap (of six) I was pleased not to completely hit the wall, considering that my final three weeks of training had been condensed in to a single 10 mile run.

I now have a fantastic T shirt to prove that I was there.

Don Johnson from Baildon Runners came along for the ride. He had planned to do two of the six laps, about 14km, but got carried away and did a Half Marathon. (He still got a Marathon T shirt though, and I have told him that I don’t expect him to wear it, around me).

The Marathon was won by Xiu Ming (Fra) in 2.55.26.

I am now considering running the Dead Sea Marathon in Jordan next Month. I am at least guaranteed of a Jordan Marathon PB!

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