Saturday 26th March – Challenge 66 @ Norwich

Saturday 26th March – Challenge 66 @ Norwich

OAC’s Colin Best reports:

Challenge66 will see Andy McMenemy, the son of a former soldier, establish a new Guinness World Record for consecutive ultra marathons (50km) with no rest days.

During Challenge66, Andy will run 66 Ultra Marathons in 66 days, one from each of the 66 official Cities in the United Kingdom.

Today I completed the 50km jog being 30 laps around Eaton Park in Norwich in just under 7 hours. I know that isn’t an impressive time but Andy McMenemy had run 10 before and has another 55 to go. Also he has been suffering since day one really and has an extremely sore and swollen ahcilles which would prevent most sane people from running at all.

It was a cold overcast day, quite a change from recent days, but the course was pretty flat and the only inclines were into an increasing strong and cold wind whichever direction we went. Still the rain held off until the last lap.

He is very focused and determined so I hope he can manage to keep going. He is running round a 400m track in Ely tomorrow (Sunday) but at least the sun has returned and it is a bit warmer.

Should anyone wish to sponsor his efforts for the Army Benevolent Fund please do so at Challenge 66 where you can also follow his progress. Only 1,705 miles to go over the next 55 days.

One thought on “Saturday 26th March – Challenge 66 @ Norwich

  1. Well done on first ever marathon. (and for supporting andy) You have however set a very low benchmark for your marathon PB and will have to do another one now. Have you now got a marathon T shirt that you can wear honestly?

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