Sunday 12th June – Phil’s History Book (Part Four)

Sunday 12th June – Phil’s History Book (Part Four)

A further look-back at the Club’s past from Phil Robinson (tip, use the search option – top right – to quickly find any previous posts):

Twenty-one years ago the legendary Eric Smith was the same age (68) as I am now. Six times that year (1990) he and I entered the same races and we were very close, here are our results, with (in brackets) the times of those Otley runners who are still competing:

– Barnsley 10k (AAA Vets championships) – Eric 42.56; me 42.38 (Jack Robertshaw 37.29, Caroline Marler 42.26)
– Tadcaster 10 – Eric 71.41; me 70.29 (Neil O’Brien 70.47)
– Harrogate Town Centre 10k – Eric 41.59; me 41.31 (Andrew Robertshaw 35.50)
– Leeds Half Marathon – Eric 92.52; me 93.16
– Guy Fawkes 10 – Eric 66.49; me 67.12 (Mick Jeffrey 60.14)
– Abbey Dash – Eric 41.41; me 40.20 (Andrew Robertshaw 33.36, Mick Jeffrey 36.15, Neil O’Brien 40.26, Kath Robertshaw 45.49)

Eric went on to set a British record for 10 miles at age 70 – 68.38. This was superseded in 1996 and Eric is seventh on the all-time list from powerof10.

1990 also saw the debut of current president Mick Jeffrey. I think his first race in our colours was the Cardinal Heenan 10k, time around 38 min, about 4 minutes ahead of me (is that right Mick?).

That race was also notable for the performance of a certain Roger W. It was a 10k comprising three laps (2 long, 1 short); Roger obtained a remarkable P.B. by the expedient of sprinting from the start until he was out of sight then breaking into a walk and sprinting again through the finish just one lap later. His style was already known to us from his tantrum after the Otley 10 in which he finished a comfortable last and became somewhat abusive as we had run out of mementoes when he eventually arrived.

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  1. thanks julian for pointing out that my assertion about eric’s position on the all-time list is 5 years out of date – eric now 7th…

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