Wednesday 27th July – Golden Acre Relay

Wednesday 27th July – Golden Acre Relay

Six OAC teams entered the Golden Acre Relay:

Otley Cheetahs – Tom Midgley (15.51), Liam Dunne (15.20) and Julian Mawson (16.16) were fifth in 47.27.

Otley Tigers – Julian Mawson (15.56), Lloyd Best (17.15) and Karen Best (18.16) were fifteenth and third mixed team in 51.27.

Otley Panthers – John Armitstead (17.48), Simon Anderson (16.55) and Matt Podd (19.13) were 29th in 53.56.

Otley Greyhounds – Michael Pickard (17.57), Paul Clifford (18.46) and Adam Fielder (20.30) were 49th in 57.13.

Otley Rabbits – Caron Ralph (19.58), Carol Armitstead (22.38) and Tom Hannah (19.57) were 66th in 62.33.

Otley Bunnies – Sue Tupling (21.43), Sara Richard (22.10) and Debra Brown (24.33) were 79th in 68.26.

Also competing in other teams were Domin Egan (20.01) for Pudsey Pedestrians and Hannah Mallinson (23.22) for Leedham Losers.

92 teams competed and Leeds City were the first team in 45.49.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

Race video courtesy of Terry Lonergan on youtube.

Results from abbeyrunners.

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