Friday 29th July – Ranco Farm Double Duathlon (KSA)

Friday 29th July – Ranco Farm Double Duathlon (KSA)

Report from OAC’s Nick Hodgkinson from somewhere in Saudi Arabia:

If I didn’t keep reading about everyone’s splendid triathlon results (Rachael’s 10k in 34 mins??), I would tell you about my efforts but they are a bit tame.

On second thoughts, last Friday’s efforts were far from tame. The winner thought that I was ‘Hard core’ after I struggled over the finishing line after about two and a half hours in the blazing heat (45C !!).

I arrived at the start (Ranco Farm – grows dates) just as everyone was lining up for the start. I got the time wrong. So I jumped out of the car yelled at the starter to stop starting, screwed my bike together and dashed to the start, pulling on my ‘Tri-suit’.

The event was called a double duathlon, which consists of 4k run + 10k bike + 3k run + 10k bike + 2k run + 10k bike + 1k run. In the event, my final 10k bike was actually a 10k wobble and my final 1k run was actually a 1k stagger. Once again, most people who were behind me failed to finish, making my finish position look very sad.

I am in ‘training’ for the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon (5k on a treadmill so far this week), so I am expecting a bit of a struggle.

More details from riyadhtriathletes.

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