Saturday 6th August – Shave Cross 5 Miler

Saturday 6th August – Shave Cross 5 Miler

ashton_cooke_shavecross11Report from OAC’s Rogan Ashton:

Thought I would let people know that I met Dave Cooke whilst on holiday – he says hello to all who remember him! Here’s how I met him:

I have recently been holidaying in Lyme Regis and took in the Shave Cross 5 Miler on Saturday 6th August, a multi-terrain fete type event with around 70 others.

On the start line I was very surprised to espy the white and black of OAC adorning another runner! It belonged to Dave Cooke, who some of you will remember. Apparently he used to be President, not of the USA, but of OAC.

The photograph is of me and Dave and a trophy which I was given for leading the field home. It had the previous 50-odd winners names engraved on it but I had to hand back as I couldn’t manage to carry it on my bike which is why his granddaughter kindly offered to take the photo!

Dave adds,

“It was nice to meet you (Rogan) the other day and congratulations on winning Dorset’s equivalent of a Fell Race.

I came to work in Leeds (with Phil Robinson) in 1984. I had a lot of track background when I arrived but was introduced to the Club by another radiologist, Simon Ostlere. I had a great 5-6 years with OAC before coming to Somerset in 1990″.

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