Sunday 18th September – Cursa de la Mercè, Barcelona 10km (Esp)

OAC’s Tom Potter reports:

This morning I ran in the Cursa de la Mercè, Barcelona 10km.

The weather wasn’t exceptionally warm this morning, nonetheless, it was still around 22 degrees, slightly warmer than the UK I expect.

13,000 people ran in this annual event and unfortunately due to my late entry I was placed at the very back of the pecking order and with this I faced all of the usual problems…. I struggled to get a ‘clean run’ and my finish time was dramatically effected by it….I finished in 47.30 approximately.

I must say, it was rather unusual to be directed around the route by marshals / police officers that were carrying guns but maybe a suggestion for next year’s Otley 10 mile??

The race was won by Carles Salvador in 30.02. Results from

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