Sunday 9th October – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Guiseley

Sunday 9th October – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Guiseley

More details of the race at Nunroyd Park from West Yorkshire Athletics Cross Country League and results from completerunner.


In the ladies’ race won for a second year in a row by Katie Walshaw (Holmfirth) in 22.18, for OAC Racheal Bamford finished an excellent fifth (22.59), Karen Best 27th (25.32), Sharron

Smith 63rd (27.58), Caron Ralph 76th (28.52) and Eleanor Shotton 88th (29.48) and the team finished seventh overall.

In the men’s race won by Simon Deakin (Leeds City) in 29.33, for OAC Ian Fisher was to the fore finishing third (and first MV40) in 30.38 followed by Liam Dunne 29th (33.18), Leon Ricketts 62nd (35.24), Lloyd Best 115th (38.20), Peter Kettleborough 116th (38.24), John Armitstead 124th (38.57), Simon Toyne 139th (39.49) and Matt Broughton 157th (40.55).

Continuing, Mick Jeffrey 169th (42.05), Tom Potter 196th (44.47), Billy Rayner 202nd (45.54), Tom Hannah 206th (46.52), Reid Haddow 212th (48.30), Don Buffham 215th (51.22) and Antonio Cardinale 220th (61.31).

Matching the OAC ladies, the men’s team also finished seventh overall.

A couple of pictures courtesy of Michael Durkin in Club Photos.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 9th October – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Guiseley

  1. great running otley ac.well done the ladies,well done the men , great running “KING FISHER”, WELL DONE LIAM, it can only get better! reid

  2. I am the man in the photo looking for my number! It arrived with 2 laps to go and added some colour to my required sprint finish – unfurling for the course marshalls to prevent disqualification, especially as I PB’d!

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