Sunday 9th October – The Lafarge Helwith Bridge Duathlon

Sunday 9th October – The Lafarge Helwith Bridge Duathlon

Report from OAC’s Huw Illingworth:

Rogan Ashton was the only other OAC entered in this event so I emailed him late on Saturday requesting a lift, half-hoping he wouldn’t get the email after checking the heavy rain forecast in the Dales on Sunday morning.

However he got back and kindly picked me and the bike up to “enjoy” the race which included a cycle section riding for 13 miles into gale-driven rain that stung the eyeballs and made looking in the direction of travel quite a challenge.

It was one of those events where you tread a fine line between miserable but fun and just pure miserable (I think Rogan felt it was the later).

I had a painfully slow transition to and from the bike (adizero racing flats are great to run in but they are a nightmare to get on – especially when wet) and a laboured 23 mile cycle, faring much better on the two four mile run sections, much as I expected I would.

The race was won by Jonathan Ferguson (Rossendale Tri) in 1:56:39 and Donna Edmondson-Booker(Crosstrax) who finished 21st overall (2:16:29).

Rogan was eighteenth (2:15:45) and I came in 29th (2:19:30).

Results from ukresults.

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