Saturday 29th -30th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

Saturday 29th -30th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

Report from OAC’s Renee Saxton:

This was my first attempt at The OMM and I am proud to say I finished the Long Score.

The first day was very bleak, cold and wet with not much visibility although we did manage to see some deer, mountain hare and a few rainbows.

We managed to lose a good hour as my partner (Andy Brook-Dobson) got hypothermia. Once he had semi-recovered and regained his marbles he led us on to collect more points and I finished strong that day. We made it to camp in 7 hours 46minutes instead of 7 hours. With 230 points we had a penalty of 94 – oopsy, therefore losing our chance for a chasing start on the Sunday.

I really enjoyed camping out and had a fantastic sleep, a bit too fantastic unfortunately as I fell asleep before I had eaten all of my food, which was a shame really as I needed those calories for the next day.

The Sunday was a really lovely day with sunshine and more spectacular views. We had six hours to run today and were quiet relaxed, happily chatting to pass the time away.

With two hours of running time left I was running out of steam but Andy was full of encouragement and continued to load me up with sugar eventually dragging me over that finish line (a bit earlier) to a lovely cup of tea.

The event was won by Gary Tompsett / Gavin Miles in 12:32:03 and we finished 75th (13:11:40).

Results from The OMM.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 29th -30th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

  1. Hi Renee,

    Well done in this race, did’nt know you southern Hemisphere Lassies had it in you.
    Get your name down for the Warrior 5K Dash on 30th June 2012. Check it out on the web, just your sort of thing I think.

    Thanks again for loaqn of SPD Pedals the other week, just a shame not quite right.

    Take care and see you and Bob around.


  2. well done Renee, brilliant running,away the”BLACK AND WHITES” Hope your ok after your “Marathon”. run in the Mountains

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