Saturday 29th October – Snowdonia Marathon

Saturday 29th October – Snowdonia Marathon

Report from OAC’s Matt Broughton:

On Saturday I ran in the Snowdonia Marathon which I am told grows substantially year on year with 2011 being host to more that 2,000 runners.

It starts and ends in Llanberis looping around Snowdon. When I arrived on Friday the weather was ideal with mostly clear skies but come Saturday the weather ranged from windy with rain to gail-force with downpours, which made the hilly conditions pretty challenging.

The first male, Rob Samuel (Eryri) finished in 2:36:45 and the first lady Kelly Morgan (Pontypridd) finished in 3:11:32.

Considering the terrain and conditions, I was pretty chuffed with my time finishing in 3:46:15 in 290th place, knocking ten minutes off my PB. I partly put this down to the my hair and facial streamlining carried out by Reed, newly discovered club barber, before the race on Thursday.

I have never really visited Wales and I was blown away by the landscapes. Part of the race passed an old railway yard, reminding me of a childhood favourite, but unfortunately Ivor was nowhere to be seen.

Race photos by Andrew Thrippleton.

Race preview from mudsweatandtears.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 29th October – Snowdonia Marathon

  1. Cheers, think I’m finally starting to get my head around pacing things. Already thinking of having a go at a flatter one to see how I get on.

  2. Terrific Effort Matt! Very good time on a hard course. I can vouch for how horrible the weather was – I was in North Wales (at a party). Takes me back 27 or 28 yrs ago when I did it.
    Well done

  3. well done Matt brilliant !, next time i will cut the hair shorter and shave the beard off , will save you at least 30 seconds, fantastic run mate well done, regards reid!

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