Sunday 6th November – Derwentwater 10 Miles

Sunday 6th November – Derwentwater 10 Miles

OAC’s Ian Fisher texts in about this race held for the 52nd time and organised by Keswick A.C.:

“Finished fifth in 53.44 (chip time) but didn’t feel too good in the last three miles.

The race was won by Ethiopian Yared Hagos (Bradford Airedale) in a course record of 49.03″.

Results from ukresults show the first lady in 41st poistion overall was Pippa Maddams (Keswick) in 61.52.

13 thoughts on “Sunday 6th November – Derwentwater 10 Miles

  1. Great time Ian on what I should imagine is not a flat course if it follows a similar route to the Keswick Half. Just think, if the Kenyan was from Spain, would that make him a Keniard….?

  2. As I recall the term Keniards had its first hearing [following the 1994 or 1995 Paris 20k] in a small bar near Montmatre, uttered in innocence by julian to much hilarity, mais il a bu quelque bieres

  3. Almost “quelle mémoire”, Mick. I inadvertently created this new nationality in a bar, early evening on Saturday 19th October 1996 (looking back at my race records) on the eve of the Reims Half Marathon. I had been out for a confidence-building, pre-race day jog with Dale F in the afternoon, only to have our hopes dashed when we saw a large group of super-fit Keniards coming the other way…

  4. Julian. How could I ever doubt your memory? The human almanac confirmed the term was in fact coined in Reims. So what happened in Paris? Apart from you nearly falling down the trapdoor to the cellar

  5. OAC journeys to race in Amsterdam, Paris, Reims, Lanzarote, Magaluf and Benidorm. They were all foreign to me, Mick.

  6. Keniards. Now that’s a blast from the past. My post race groin niggle is subsiding now a bit. I’ve had it before. I’m recovering from a cold too. Good to do a proper hard race and be pushed out of my comfort zone which made this race faster than my recent Wistow 10. Decending felt impared. I was good enougth to get third, but not this time. Back to square one.

  7. Julian, I remember your excellent French got us a continuous supply of jambon et fromage sandwitches one pleasant lunchtime which didn’t seem to stop coming out like some factory conveyor belt when actually we only needed half a dozen or so. It was either Reims 96 or Paris 97? Wish I’d seen you almost disappear into a cellar two years earlier. I think I might have followed you down after laughing off my chair….

  8. Julian, you ran under an assumed name as the club organiser forgot your surname and entered you as a famous colourful celebrity with the same forename. Oh and I passed you at around the 12 mile mark which, sadly, I suspect was the last time that occured

  9. Whens the next club trip abroad then, its not Ilkley on Sunday is it? Any body seen Tom Potter about? or did the Chevin Chase swallow him up today!

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