Sunday 20th November – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Shipley

Sunday 20th November – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Shipley

More details from West Yorkshire Athletics Cross-Country League and results from completerunner.

In the ladies’ race won by Katie Walshaw (Holmfirth) in 25.08, for OAC, Caron Ralph finished 61st (32.43), Eleanor Shotton 80th (36.08 – two races in one day!) and Carol Armitstead 81st (37.19).

In the men’s race won by Jorge Thomas (Keighley & Craven) in 30.19, for OAC, Leon Ricketts finished 41st (35.09), Peter Kettleborough 81st (38.02), Matt Broughton 112th (41.07) and Mick Jeffrey 116th (41.36).

Continuing, Tom Hannah 145th (47.38), Richard Hamer 146th (47.54), Reid Haddow 149th (48.41) and Don Buffham 156th (53.34).

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

Race videos by Terry Lonergan on his youtube page.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 20th November – Complete Runner Cross-Country @ Shipley

  1. Dont worry Richard, when you do the x Countrys you get used to it! Great to see we had a team out again, i keep telling myself , “its not the result that matters” its the taking part.
    what a load of bullshit! i needed another pair of lungs on the last lap, why has “Antonio” not had a mention in the results , he did finish, some of watched him come home, remember he is a “Black and White”

  2. pps. I have a pair of trail shoes in the back of the car from yesterdays x country that were left, could they be “MR Jeffreys” or Andy Hunts?

  3. dear REID , i was not in the result because i did not cross the start line, because just few minutes before the gun start i was bursting and i had to run back for a toilette[ a bush] at lunch i had few rounds of beer, so when the gun went out i had to run fast to reach the bottom of the group, so really i run more distance then everybody else, but i missed the start line, the official has been a bit too fiscal with a runner that was there not to win the race but to have the last place in the race. regards antonio.

  4. Now on youtube or via Terry Lonergans blog, Terryrunningonempty. Terrys blog can be accessed via Sarah Jarvis blog

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