7 thoughts on “Saturday 26th November – Benidorm Half Marathon (Esp)

  1. Dear Mick ,thanks for those few kind words, the race was brilliant,over 3000 runners, pounding the sea front at Benidorm, definitley a “BLACK AND wHITE “Trip overseas for next year, the weather was brilliant during the day, a bit dark at night though,
    hope every body enjoyed the club handicaps, on Saturday”Well done all the “Black and Whites” enjoy training tuesday night, see you all on sunday, if the plane stops at Wakefield!

  2. Good running Reid, sounds like you enjoyed your run. “a bit dark at night though” sounds like a strange place to me!

  3. Hi Liam, that is my sense of humor coming through, enjoy your training tonight in “the dark”!
    “Up the Black and Whites”

  4. Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words, beautiful day in Benidorm today , very hot and sunny, got a dreadful hangover though, wont run tonight, trying to sober up!still celebrating finished 25th vet over 6o,s no vet category over 65,s two hundred vets over 60 ran in the race,, home on friday i think, regards !

  5. Hi Reid, I also ran Benidorm finished 1 47, had a great week after the event.is there a site where you can find the full results and splits,keep training for next year, I am a black and white but it is the black and white of Newcastle United.

    cheers Mick

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