Saturday 26th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

Saturday 26th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

Colin overtook Antonio in the final straight and just held off a fast finishing Ian to win the penultimate 2011 Club Handicap at Weeton, his first win in almost six years and Ian almost ended a fifteen year wait for his second win in over 100 races… those of you who think you’re always treated harshly by the hon. handicapper, think on!

Matt Broughton now tops the table on 148 pts, followed by Caron 140, Ben 135, Billy 131, Carol and Tom Hannah both on 130 pts and remember, it’s the individual’s best ten handicaps that count.

The pressure is now on for the traditional climax to the season at the Ken Dixon, on the 18th December, see route details here.

Ian’s Garmin report of the Weeton Handicap here.

Pos Name Time H’cap Net Time Pts
1 Colin Best 49:12 10:00 39:12 15
2 Ian Fisher 49:22 23:00 26:22 14
3 Antonio Cardinale 49:30 0:00 49:30 13
4 Tom Potter 49:52 17:00 32:52 12
5 Tom Hannah 50:08 11:00 39:08 11
6 Matt Podd 50:35 15:00 35:35 10
7 Tom Marsh 50:36 18:00 32:36 9
8 Caron Ralph 51:02 13:00 38:02 8
9 Matt Broughton 51:25 18:00 33:25 7
10 Billy Rayner 52:17 12:00 40:17 6
11 Dave Hainsworth 54:16 9:00 45:16 5
12 Neil O’Brien 56:07 10:00 46:07 4

14 thoughts on “Saturday 26th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

  1. Well done to…. me!
    I’ll be putting up my GPS stat’s shortly for your enjoyment.
    As our club mascot Reid would say “Come on you black and whites”..

  2. If I’d still been with Otley AC, I may have given you a chase Ian, but we’ll never know eh?

  3. dear Ian, i would like to congratulate you because your net time at Weeton handicap(26:22) it is outstanding (really really good) and i wish you a good day at Wakefield(Thornes Park) because you looked so strong last saturday, you could have a powerful perfomance this sunday, regards Antonio.

  4. Tom Potter beating Matt by over half a minute! What’s happening? Matt you must have tried too hard at Thursdays fartlek session when Tom clearly didn’t. Nontheless well done Tom

  5. I was a bit tired 🙂 Also Tom made me carry his car keys. The extra weight I was carrying gave him the advantage.

  6. Car key I might add. I do hope my fifteen mile run this afternoon in gale-force winds and downpours of rain has pushed me on that little bit further, next time it’ll be 40seconds in front 🙂

  7. Fortunately, for me Mr Potter, I’m still managing to get the miles in. My exhaustion from training is working to your advantage for the time being. 😉

  8. Fortunately for me Mr Potter, I’m still managing to get the miles in. It is only my exhaustion from training that is working to your advantage. Enjoy it while it lasts. 😉

  9. Thanks Antonio. I’ve yet to get over my flu so I’m not yet sure? Glad you’re still enjoying your running too.

    Yes Reid UP THE BLACK AND WHITES. It’s funny but with a great positive attitude.

    Tom looked to be storming….until I passed him that is. Seriously, Tom has has improved mentally and fitness wise. I like Matt B’s challenge to Tom. Go for it.

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