Sunday 27th November – Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon

Sunday 27th November – Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon

Report from OAC’s intrepid Sarah Fuller:

Listening to the wind rattle my windows and whistle in the chimney all night, didn’t bode well for this darkandwhite three hour score event in the Peak District.

Getting there was the first challenge with a few road closures to contend with but made it in the end and started feeling stressed, hungover and tired (yes I know not great race prep but there you go!).

Took half an hour to get into my stride but the first two hours went remarkably well with a few stiff long muddy climbs and some good running on the tops (where the forecasted ‘considerable buffeting’ was the order of the day!).

With 45 mins remaining I had cleared most of the checkpoints in the southern part of the map and crossed the main road to start on the smaller northern section, it was all going so well then I made a classic schoolboy error and failed to notice a 20 point checkpoint just off my chosen loop (it was necessary to fold the map pretty small to stop it getting blown away and I’d folded over the checkpoint and didn’t see it – Duh! That’s my excuse anyway!!).

As it was I finished ten minutes before the three hour time limit, with 190 points for 60th place and sixth lady (third in my age class). 150 finished.

First overall was Andy Brown with 280 and first ladies were Kirsty Bryan Jones / Rachel Horn with 225.

Really recommend these events if anyone wants to try a navigational race (just don’t listen to any tips from me!). Cheers.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 27th November – Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon

  1. Well done Sarah, brilliant running,here in Benidorm today, cannot see in front of you, torrential rain all day, after Saturday, and sundays good weather as well, keep up the good work”Up theBlack and WHITES” .

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