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Saturday 24th December – Park Run Black Park 5km

From parkrun, OAC’s Matt John ran a Christmas stormer to win the race in 16.20 and go to the top of the Club’s Rankings for 2011.

The first lady was Pippa Woolven (Wycombe Phoenix) in sixth position overall (17.36).

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Saturday 24th December – Park Run Bradford 5km

From parkrun, the race was won by Quentin Lewis (Baildon Runners) in 16.52 and the first lady in eleventh position was Jo Buckley (Bingley Harriers) in 18.54.

For OAC, Mick Jeffrey finished 29th (21.12).

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Saturday 24th December – Park Run Roundhay 5km

Fro parkrun, the race was won by Graham Brook (Stragglers) in 17.55 and the first lady in 25th position was Sharon Williams (Abbey Runners) in 21.45.

For OAC, Howard Jeffrey finished 20th (21.04).

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Saturday 24th December – Park Run Leamington 5km

From parkrun, the race was won by Simon Wurr (Thames Hare & Hounds) in 16.38 and the first lady in sixteenth position overall was Elaine Sherwin (Unattached) in 20.57.

For OAC, Tom Marsh finished fourteenth in 20.37.

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Monday 19th December – Howard’s Reflections…

OAC’s long-standing member Howard Jeffrey takes time to reflect at Christmas….

I have been encouraged by brother Mick to participate in a couple of park runs as I am currently on my Elvis-like come-back tour (number 15!). Today (17/12) I did Roundhay and finished a few seconds behind Mick (21.08) in 21.19! This was to have the full range of distances in the Runner of the Year.

I followed the link to my own profile (runners are perforce very ego-centric) and looked at the history of results you have for me. I should like for the details to be updated to reflect some recent results as an OAC vet and my actual PB’s as a Valley Strider (verifiable by Mick and still noted in my training diaries for the time). These were gained after efforts in which my teeth hurt and in my purple patch from 1988, when in today’s measure I would already have been a veteran!

I did the following which constitute my PB’s (optimistically, I will say) to date!:

– 5km in Wakefield Jan 1989 in 17.35 (I was 15th)
– 5M at Churwell Nov 1988 in 26.35 (seventh and just one place behind John Convery if I remember correctly)
– 10km Elida Gibbs Aug 1988 in 32.58 (fifth)
– 10M Tadcaster May 1989 in 54.24 (32nd! would be top 5 finish now!)
– 1/2M York Rowntree Mar 1988 1.12.57 (17th)
– 15M Holmfirth Nov 1988 1.27.09 (41st! would be a top 5 finish now!)

I would like these to be in the archive please as I trained (and still do) very hard to achieve them (self-coached) and am proud of my trophies.

I have never done (nor am likely to) a marathon! I was always also proud of the fact that I ran 36 consecutive sub 36 minute 10km’s, whatever the terrain or weather! Whilst male standards have declined generally (I went to Lancashire and did a 33.30 10km and came 53rd! once), I paced a few ladies to do 36 minute 10km’s but they never got there, the ladies times have improved dramatically (lady second overall, Lizzie Adams (Hallamshire), at the recent Great Langdale 10km in 33.17!) and not forgetting our very own Racheal Bamford of course.

My recent results, for the period covered in my profile, require recording as follows:

Dalby Dash 10km, 40.42
Clowne Half Marathon Nov 2011, 1.34.57
Guys 10M Dec 2011, 68.58 (even though official result says 69,13)

I have ebbed and flowed over recent years due to little niggles, so I took the decision to improve strength and conditioning (flexibility/core strength) by swimming and biking and other training, to improve my running.

I have entered a couple of sprint triathlons at The Grammar School in Leeds in July and Roundhay Park in September. I am pleased to say I was first over 55 in both (even though I was the only one in that category at Roundhay, I would have been second over 50!). Mick and I are doing the Lisbon Half next March and I am training to do well at that!

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Sunday 18th December – Ken Dixon Handicap at Fewston


Karen’s son made an eventful appearance at the climax to this year’s handicap series, well over an hour after Tom had finished and young Ben had still not returned to the Swinsty car park.

After the Otley search parties all failed to find Ben the Washburn Valley Police coordinated a professional search… but on his way home Tom Marsh came to the rescue picking Ben up and he’d nearly got to Farnley!

Anyway back to the handicap,  home advantage saw Timble resident David Fox win the 23rd edition of the Ken Dixon Christmas handicap.

The battle for the 2011 Eric Smith Handicap title went right down to the final mile, as Caron & Ben battled it out finishing 3rd and 4th on the day, but how many could Matt pass on the final track? as it turned out not quite enough to win but enough to tie with Caron, the second time this has happened.  The final top 3 positions being Caron, 154pts, Matt Broughton, 154 and Ben 148.
2011 Final Handicap Table

Despite suffering from injury Ian recorded the fastest time of the day and thanks to Jack & Richard Hamer for recording duties and Tom Hannah & Kath for flagging the route.

Pos Name Time H’cap Net Time Timble Loop Swinsty Loop Pts
1 David Fox 51:02 12:00 39:02 16:18 22:43 16
2 John Armitstead 51:26 16:00 35:26 15:00 20:26 15
3 Caron Ralph 51:31 12:00 39:31 16:19 23:12 14
4 Ben Cousen 51:55 19:00 32:55 13:38 19:17 13
5 Matt Podd 52:33 15:00 37:33 15:24 22:09 12
6 Andrew Robertshaw 52:42 21:00 31:42 14:59 16:43 11
7 Mick Jeffrey 52:47 16:00 36:47 15:21 21:26 10
8 Dave Hainsworth 52:53 5:00 47:53 20:12 27:41 9
9 Matt Broughton 53:06 17:00 36:06 14:32 21:34 8
10 Colin Best 53:21 11:00 42:21 17:16 25:05 7
11 Tom Potter 53:27 17:00 36:27 15:22 21:05 6
12 Karen Potter 53:32 16:00 37:32 15:52 21:40 5
13 Antonio Cardinale 53:53 0:00 53:53 22:53 31:00 4
14 Ian Fisher 54:09 24:00 30:09 12:35 17:34 3
15 Tom Marsh 55:18 17:00 38:18 15:40 22:38 2
16 Tom Hannah 58:31 7:00 51:31 20:20 31:11 1


Sunday 18th December – Stoop Fell Race @ Haworth

Report from OAC’s Liam Dunne:

No less than eight OAC members made up the 256 Santa-hat runners who braved the treacherous mix of muddy and icy conditions on Pennistone Hill to tackle the Stoop Fell Race (5 miles / 800′) with photos and results from woodentops.

Conditions were terrible underfoot and competitors were slipping and sliding throughout the race.

I momentarily got stuck knee-height in mud on the way up to the turn around and then on the way back down to the finish I twice went nose down.

Having spoken to other OAC members they seem to have experienced similar falls.

The race was won by Sam Tosh (Rossendale) in 30.52 and the first lady in 45th position overall was Helen Fines (Calder Valley) in 36.17.

For OAC, Liam Dunne finished seventeenth (33.50), Peter Kettleborough finished 50th (37.04), Hugh Pearson 99th (41.25), Jim Sneath 106th (41.37), Sharron Smith 112th (41.48), Andy Webster 159th (44.54), Don Buffham 231st (53.00) and David Cattanach 239th (55.55).


Saturday 17th December – Park Run Roundhay 5km

From parkrun, the race was won by Thomas Edwards (Knavesmire Harriers) in 17.14 and the first lady in 22nd position overall was Daniella McGuigan (Unattached) in 23.23.

For OAC, Mick Jeffrey finished eighth (21.08) followed by his brother Howard in ninth (21.15).

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Sunday 11th December – The Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10km (Race Two)

From ukresults, the race was won by James Douglas (Border Harriers) in 33.07.

The first lady in twelfth position was Kathleen Aubrey (Helm Hill) in 39.30.

For OAC, and competing in both races over the weekend, Howard Jeffrey finished 33rd (and first MV55) in 42.10.

More details from greatlangdaleroadraces.

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Saturday 10th December – The Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10km (Race One)

Report from OAC’s Club President, Mick Jeffrey:

Howard and I did The Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10km (Race One) at noon today.

The course is very testing and Howard used today’s race as a training run for Race Two tomorrow.

From raceresults, the race was won by Steve Littler (Wesham Road Runners) in 32.33.

However Lizzie Adams (Hallamshire Harriers) had an astonishing run to finish second overall (33.17).

I finished 51st (42.39), suffering bad stomache ache, and Howard finished 59th (43.55) and we were first and second MV55 respectively.

More details from greatlangdaleroadraces.

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