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Sunday 22nd January – Brass Monkey Half Marathon @ York

Report from OAC’s Tom Potter:

I travelled across to the Brass Monkey Half with Karen Potter this morning.

I had a target time of 94 minutes for this prestigious half marathon, and unbeknown to me Karen also had exactly the same target time.

The race was started at 10am by BBC Look North presenter Clare Frisby and as the race started it was soon apparent to me that it would be a real achievement to beat Karen – she was flying – and by about 3.5miles she was clear of me and I didn’t see her until the finish.

A rather poor analogy but the race conditions resembled a pin-ball machine, I was consistently bouncing off other competitors and falling into the potholes at the side of the road but come the end I achieve the ‘score’ I desired (well almost, I was 58 seconds slow but still a big pb).

Karen continued her amazing form throughout the race and finished in 91.16 – well done Karen a stunning performance!

There was a number of other OAC members present as well as Andrew Robertshaw who was supporting from the road side.

The race was won by Yared Hagos (Wallsend Harriers) in 66.42 (all chip times) and the first lady in 29th position overall was Felicity Milton (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) in 77.45.

For OAC, Lloyd Best finished 180th (88.21), Karen Potter 289th (and second FV40 in 91.16 – a pb), Tom Potter 419th (94.58 – a pb), Caron Ralph 849th (107.10 – a pb), Reid Haddow 963rd (110.42) and Sara Richard 987th (110.36 – a pb).

More details from knavesmireharriers.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

Results from ukresults.


Sunday 22nd January – Stanbury Splash Fell Race near Haworth

Report from OAC’s Liam Dunne:

Approx 370 runners gathered on a cold and very windy Penistone Hill, Howarth for the Soreen Stanbury Splash Fell Race (7.5 miles / 1,312′) with more results, report and photos from woodentops.

The start was like a scene from ‘Frozen Planet’ when the penguins huddled together to keep each other warm.

With conditions a bit muddy and slippy under foot and a few steep banks with stream crossings, it was more like a very hilly cross-country race.

Tom Adams (Ilkley) won the race in 45.45 and the first lady was Jo Buckley (Calder Valley) who finished 47th overall (55.36).

For OAC, Matt John was very well placed in ninth position (48.52), as too Liam Dunne 20th (51.21), Chris Stacey 104th (61.54) and Don Buffham 339th (85.19).

Results from woodentops.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

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Saturday 21st January – Park Run Bradford 5km

From parkrun, the race was won by Simon Pass (Saltaire Striders) in 17.19 and the first lady was Andrea Dennison (Bingley Harriers) in twelfth position overall (20.26).

For OAC, Tom Paget finished 22nd (22.25) – perhaps more remarkable when considering he was again pushing the “double buggy” and this has the tendency only to get heavier each time! Caroline Marler took part for the first time finishing 47th (25.20).

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Friday 20th January – Club Presentation Night

OAC’s Tom Potter reports on the night’s festivities at Korks,

“Here’s a photograph of Matt Broughton drinking from his Club Handicap Trophy and although he was only ‘joint second’ in the final table, he decided to celebrate in style!

I must add that Caron Ralph, to her credit, also had a ‘portion of ale’ from the joint runners-up trophy…”

Here also is the photo montage of some of the activities OAC’s members took part in during 2011, kindly put together by Simon Anderson.

After a fabulous meal enjoyed by 67 members, OAC’s President, Mick Jeffrey, was also delighted to make presentations for the following:

ROM December                                            Racheal Bamford
                                                                   Howard Jeffrey
Club Rankings 2011;  5K                              Matt John
                                  10K, 10M                  Ian Fisher
                                  5M, 1/2 M                 Liam Dunne
                                  20M                          Tom Midgeley
Club Records 2011;   V65 1M                       Phil Robinson
                                  V40 10M                    Ian Fisher
                                  SF 5K                         Racheal Bamford
                                  SF 10K                       Racheal Bamford
                                  FV40 3K                     Karen Best
                                  FV35 FV40 10M          Karen Best
                                  SF FV35 FV40 20M      Karen Best
Juniors Organisers                                         Hugh Pearson
                                                                    Laura Martin
ROY Results Compiler                                    Kath Robertshaw
Handicapper                                                 Andrew Robertshaw
Cross Country/Handicap Supporter 2011        Antonio Cardinale
Most Improved Runner 2011                         Tom Potter
Most Enthusiastic Mew Member                      Reid Haddow
Handicap Trophy                  3rd                   Ben Cousens
                                           1st=                 Caron Ralph
                                           1st=                 Matt Broughton
President’s Cup                                              Colin Best
ROY                                     3rd                   Howard Jeffrey
                                           2nd                   Liam Dunne
                                           1st                    Mick Jeffrey

And finally, two chocolate gold medals (no expense spared) for the undoubted Male and Female ROYs for 2011 with “no age related mularkey” were awarded to Liam Dunne and Racheal Bamford.


Thursday 19th January – Local Athletics News

A report on OAC members’ recent activities in the Wharfedale Observer.

There is also a feature on Chris Carver’s ultra-running plans for 2012 which includes aiming to break the British 48 hour record in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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Sunday 15th January – Club Handicap @ Harewood

An excellent turnout for the first monthly Club Handicap of 2012 around the 4.25 mile perimeter of Harewood.  Howard stormed up the finishing straight to win by just under a minute with Tom Potter holding off Ian by eight seconds.  Ian also reduced the course record to 23:32.  Thanks to Kath and Jack for ‘flouring’ the course.   This month’s mishap went to Mr O’Brien who set off late and then missed the last track and ran all the way back to the village hall on the road, missing the finish in the woods.

Ian has produced two Garmin reports, one of his pre-race recce and one of the actual Handicap Race.

Pos Name Time H’cap Net Time Pts
1 Howard Jeffrey 41:35 12:00 29:35 25
2 Tom Potter 42:24 11:00 31:24 24
3 Ian Fisher 42:32 19:00 23:32 23
4 Eleanor Shotten 42:45 8:00 34:45 22
5 Colin Best 42:49 8:00 34:49 21
6 Caron Ralph 42:51 9:00 33:51 20
7 Dave Cattanach 43:04 2:00 41:04 19
8 Sara Richard 43:09 7:00 36:09 18
9 Tom Marsh 43:11 13:00 30:11 17
10 Neil Reid 43:27 11:00 32:27 16
11 Billy Rayner 43:30 8:00 35:30 15
12 Julie Dorling 43:37 4:00 39:37 14
13 Matt Broughton 43:58 13:00 30:58 13
14 Richard Hamer 43:59 7:00 36:59 12
15 Tom Hannah 44:06 7:00 37:06 11
16 Andrew Robertshaw 44:25 18:00 26:25 10
17 Hannah Mallinson 44:32 4:00 40:32 9
18 Dave Hainsworth 44:36 5:00 39:36 8
19 Joanna Hobson 44:40 4:00 40:40 7
20 Antonio Cardinale 45:14 0:00 45:14 6
21 Paul Clifford 45:17 12:00 33:17 5
22 Mick Jeffrey 46:19 13:00 33:19 4
23 Julian Mawson 46:37 17:00 29:37 3
24 Debra Brown 47:41 4:00 43:41 2
25 Neil O’Brien No time taken 1


Saturday 14th January – Six Dales Trail Run

Report from OAC’s Matt Podd:

Renee Saxton, Matt Podd, Ben Cousen and Matt John were all delivered to Middleham by Sharron Smith – big thanks. It seemed to take a long time to drive there from Otley and we were all a bit apprehensive as to how to get home.

We were blessed with a fantastic day, frosty underfoot, dry and no wind – the best day of the year so far. Freezing cold though and what clothing to take on this unsupported run was tricky. Food also was a challenge but between us we laid on a fabulous spread, not just gels and flapjack – Christmas cake and Ben’s dried mango were highlights.

So there we were at the square in Middleham and none of us knew which way the route started but after a bit of fooling around off we went. The Six Dales Trail is a new (2010) long distance footpath starting/finishing in Otley. We decided to finish in Otley – as we live there and going south is always downhill – its to do with the curvature of the earth! It is 38 miles long (though we clocked nearly 40) and has about 5,000′ of ascent. The scenery is fantastic as you visit the different dales and we were lucky to have beautiful views.

Most of the navigation was fairly easy and well signposted but there was a very trick bit across trackless moor to get across to Nidderdale and some of the cross-field stuff was confusing. However due to good visibility we only made a couple of minor errors – even though we were following the guide book back to front (their description starts in Otley).

One of our more stupid errors was that we only had one torch between us and it gets dark early in January! We lost all light coming up from Dob Park Bridge but luckily we were on home ground and only two of us took falls. As a final sting in the tail you have to loop round to Clifton via Haddockstones and then have to visit Weston Woods before your triumphal entry into Otley.

It took us 8 3/4 Hours, with a few stops on the way but I ran over 95% of it and the others all of it. The hill up from Dob Park Bridge defeated me though and I had to walk.

It was a brilliant trip out and the scenery was superb – one of my top runs. Photos from Ben and Renee in Club Photos.

Now what does the extra 15 miles feel like – bring on the Hardmoors 55. Any more takers?

Matt Podd

ps Thanks for the help from the team!


Saturday 14th January – Park Run Leeds 5km

From parkrun, the race was won by Matthew Akpan (Staffordshire Moorlands A.C.) in 16.56 and the first lady was Laura Weightman (Morpeth Harriers) who finished second overall in 16.57.

For OAC, Howard Jeffrey finished 24th (19.51).

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Sunday 8th January – Prom Classic Nice – 10km (Fra)

Report from OAC’s Peter McGouran:

Two intrepid OAC runners braved the conditions to compete in the Prom Classic Nice – 10km (Fra).

After the howling gales and rain of the previous week, we were not prepared for glorious sunshine and a balmy 17C!

I was invited by the Nice Lions to compete in a “race within a race” and Ursula obviously took the chance to get a quick 10km under her belt.

There was a limit of 7,000 runners in the open race and the “other race” of 37 was made up of transplant recipients from across Europe. I was in a team of six from GB.

The race itself is fantastic – out and back along the Promenade des Anglais, with the Art Deco hotels on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. It is virtually flat – much more so than the Abbey Dash.

We arrived on the Friday morning and were collected from the airport. We were put up in the Westminster Hotel (a **** hotel only 450m from the start) and had the next two days to ourselves.

We went to Monaco on the Saturday – a great trip, some 45 minutes by bus along the coast at the bargain price of €1 each way. And we were even treated to a meal the night before the race!

Ursula ran really well in 52:29 (FV50) and I ran a PW in 58:24 (V55) but was just pleased to finished considering my recent problems.

From the results, the race was won in 28:47 by Abdellatif Meftah (?)

If you fancy a fast 10km at the start of the year with a serious potential for a PB I would seriously recommend the Nice Prom Classic 2013. The only downside is the beer is €7 a pint (ouch!).

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Sunday 8th January – Garstang 10km

OAC’s Reid Haddow reports an enjoyable race the border at Garstang where he also bumped into Howard Jeffrey.

From, the race was won by Sean Connolly (Tallaght) in 30.56 and the first lady in 44th position overall was Joanna Goorney (Wesham Road Runners) in 39.21.

Howard finished 69th (40.39) and Reid 243rd (50.10).

A few pictures in Club Photos.