Sunday 26th February – Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

Sunday 26th February – Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

Report from OAC’s Ben Cousen:

2,108 people completed the defiantly hilly Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon.

I was the 108th finisher. This was the full-on road race experience: Well organised, a celebrity (Kelly Holmes) giving out the medals, bands en-route, goody bags, far too many water stations, horrible t-shirt.

It was won by Yared Hagos (Wallsend), the Ethiopian chap who won the Brass Monkey in January. This time he beat the course record in a time of 1.04.15, picking up a £1,000 bonus. There is not much to say about my dismal effort other than it was quite easily the least enjoyable running I have ever had and if there had been a chance to drop out without becoming subject to an even more demoralising walk to the finish I would have done – from 6 miles on I felt incredibly ill. Probably should not have started.

Anyway, by dint of my previous half marathons taking place in the more dissolute days of my youth pre-OAC (and because the first 6 miles were somehow ok) this was, by the clock, a PB performance of 88.46 (chip). By any other measure (not exactly sure what they would be), it was not the ‘best’ of anything personally, though the scenery was jolly nice.

Results from sportsystems.

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