Saturday 3rd March – The Major North

Saturday 3rd March – The Major North

Report from OAC’s Richard Clarke:

A little late but here are some notes on the Major Series event that I took part in earlier this month.

I took part in my second ‘The Major – North’ event on Saturday 3rd March.

This is an adventure race of about 10 to 12km in length that took place in the grounds of Bramham Park.

It is organised by British Military Fit but is open to all and the emphasis is on ‘fun’ and getting very, very muddy.

There were a few changes from my first event in October (see report) instigated following feedback from participants.

There were more obstacles in the first half of the race, there was more crawling through mud (under cam nets, barbed wire and a web of rope), more wading through muddy water courses and more jumping in and out of ditches. The tail-enders from the 5km Minor Series race were an unexpected hazard towards the end of the course.

Other hazards included hay bales to be climbed over, hay bale tunnels to be crawled through and water slides (up and down tarpaulins soaked in soapy water). The obstacles were not particularly daunting and anybody would be able to manage them.

If you enjoy running, getting very wet, crawling through mud and having fun, you’d enjoy this.

For the record, I finished 24th out of 549 finishers and was first in my age category. However, the primary aim was to have fun and all those I spoke to had plenty of that and would do the event again.

The next event is scheduled for October.

Results from facebook.

Photos from Phil O’Connor Photography ( Richard’s Bib #416 ).

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