Saturday 17th March – Hardmoors 55

Saturday 17th March – Hardmoors 55

Report from Matt Podd:

Well Matt John and Matt Podd completed the Hardmoors 55 mile ultra race on Saturday.

Had to get up early on Saturday and by 5.00am we were on our way to Guisborough to leave the car at the finish and get a coach down to Helmsley for the 9.00am start. There were about 120 starters.

So off we went, Matt John a bit faster than me, passing Riveaux Abbey and up to the White Horse, where we turned north to run along the edge of the North York Moors, following the Cleveland way all the way to Guiseborough.

The weather was better than expected, though we had to endure a couple of showers – the one of hail and rain that lasted for an hour and a half was a bit tedious and cold but it washed the salt off. There were two stops for fuelling up on the way, best food was pork pies and dried mango.

It was a bit disconcerting to see Roseberry Topping hill as we dropped into Osmotherly – it took five more hours till we were on the summit of it, just as it was getting dark (in my case).

Lots of pain, but in a good way, and I have some impressive blisters. Stairs are a bit of a job today.

Overall a wonderful race, well organised with friendly folk. It’s a bit daunting starting off and realising you are going to be running all day and cover two full maps but we did it.

Matt John finished fourth in 8hrs 50 mins and I followed him in the first 50 in in 11hrs 37 mins (and 36 secs!).

Bit different to a Park Run – get out there and do an Ultra, you don’t know how much you will enjoy it!

Cheers Matt P

8 thoughts on “Saturday 17th March – Hardmoors 55

  1. Yeah, well done lads fantastic times for both.
    I have it all before me, I got some good info from Chris and will be in contact for a few tips etc while it’s still fresh in the minds!

  2. Hey awesome effort guys – perhaps we could do another informal gathering one training night to ‘talk ultras’? My 50 miler is also fast approaching and i could certainly use some tips and advice too!

  3. Great effort, I know those hills well, and there are plenty of ups and downs.

    Doing it again next year?? :o)

  4. Well done guys. Excellent effort and 2 very respectable times. Mr Podd makes it sound like jog round the Chevin!!

  5. Fantastic- well done guys.
    I will have to stop sending reports of itsy bitsy Middle East Marathons.

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