Saturday 31st March – Northern Road Relays @ Liverpool

Saturday 31st March – Northern Road Relays @ Liverpool

OAC were represented by two teams for the first time in the Northern 12 Stage Road Relays at Sefton Park, Liverpool.

From Northern Athletics, the Long Leg consisted of two laps (7,800m / just under 5 miles) and the Short Leg consited of one lap (3,900m /just under 2.5 miles).

OAC’s Ian Fisher’s Garmin report here and pictures from the first 7 legs in Club Photos.

The event was won by Liverpool Harriers in 3.27.49 with OAC’s “A” team finishing 28th (4.03.03) and “B” team 46th (and eighth “B” or “C” team) in 4.44.03.

Results from race-results.

Reports from the Yorkshire Post and Northern Athletics.

Photos also from, Liverpool Harriers’ gallery and Dave Pinnington’s Photography.

Leg Name Long Leg Time Short Leg Time Cumulative Position
1 Matt John 24.20 20th
2 Howard Jeffrey 14.42 33rd
3 Andrew Robertshaw 26.01 31st
4 Rogan Ashton 13.33 30th
5 Ian Fisher 24.06 24th
6 Matt Broughton 14.27 25th
7 Dale Foster 27.15 25th
8 Huw Illingworth 13.52 26th
9 Ed Davies 26.57 26th
10 Tom Potter 14.57 27th
11 Tom Midgley 26.45 27th
12 Tom Marsh 16.08 28th


Leg Name Long Leg Time Short Leg Time Cumulative Position
1 Simon Toyne 30.30 53rd
2 Matt Podd 15.46 51st
3 Mark Berry 32.54 52nd
4 Andrew Leonard 17.00 50th
5 Mick Jeffrey 31.41 49th
6 Hugh Pearson 16.06 48th
7 Chris Carver 29.09 48th
8 Paul Clifford 14.57 48th
9 Neil Reed 31.49 48th
10 Richard Hamer 17.33 48th
11 Richard Clarke 29.37 47th
12 John Dade 17.01 46th

11 thoughts on “Saturday 31st March – Northern Road Relays @ Liverpool

  1. Well done all – and thanks to Mick for organising the teams.

    Oh and looking through the stats – Tim Clayton on leg 12…hmmm.

  2. 58 teams pre-entered, 56 started and we finished 28th and 47th. These are fantastic results and with 4 ‘B’ teams in front of us we may have qualified again for the Nationals. Well done to everyone who supported the club in this event and special mentions to Matt Podd who risked domestic meltdown to stand in late, to Richard Smith who ran when clearly not recovered from a chest infection and to Andy Ackroyd who agreed to run if Richard couldn’t. It was a great day out and I’m proud of the club

  3. Whoa! Great results by both team’s. Big thanks to Mick Jeffrey for organising it as it’s so hard to get people to run in these event’s.
    I’m going to say it…..UP THE BLACK AND WHITE!!!!

  4. Looks very impressive to me! Us ladies will have to try harder next year to get a team. I wasn’t as brave as Matt Podd and went for total avoidance on the domestic meltdown front.

  5. By Golly I enjoyed that, any trip to Liverpool is a bonus, but to run 2.5 miles makes it even more special. It made me too ill to do Baildon Boundary on Sunday. Didn’t we do well.

  6. fantastic results from every body who ran, well organized Mr Jeffrey, credit to you. well run Mr Podd, sorry i couldnt be with you all this weekend really felt guilty but circumstances didnt help!

  7. Very proud of Otley AC, glad to have been part of it, well done everyone. Relieved to see that there were 3 runners behind me in Leg 1. Phew.. that was close!

  8. Everyone, it appears we have indeed qualified for the Nationals in two weeks time. This is a magnificent achievement. Now can I encourage our very best team to enter?

  9. I’m keen to run in the nationals… & Sefton Park seems to be a good venue for Otley, I’ve been through my old newsletters looking for details of the last time we ran there.
    It was the 2002 Northern 6 Stage relay where we finished 16th with the team:
    16 Otley AC 2:04:36
    1 Neil Cayton (13) 19:53 2 Duncan Burgess (25) 21:36
    3 Ian Fisher (14) 19:20 4 Mark Hall (14) 20:58
    5 Julian Mawson(14) 22:13 6 A Robertshaw (16) 20:36…

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