Sunday 29th April – Fountains 10km

Sunday 29th April – Fountains 10km

Report from OAC’s Jack Robertshaw on the Fountains 10km at Grantley near Ripon:

“My last two entries in the Ripon area have been blighted by bad weather. The pattern continues:-

Jolly Holly 2010. Run in ice skating conditions. Went but did not fancy sliding to an injury.

Muddy Boots 2012. Held in the middle of a period of heavy snow. The main roads were clear but we could not travel on foot or by car to the main road.

Fountains 10km 2012. Heavy rain and high winds forecasted.

We arrived early as parking was going to be a problem, sodden fields.

Still having hamstring problems I jogged to the starting area for a fifteen minutes warm up for the 11am start. At the stated time, about 100 of the 350 entered were waiting at the start area. No sign of the starter. The start had been pushed back as runners were still at registration. Poor communications. The late arrivals had to park some distance from the School.

The rain got heavier and the starter and the rest of the runners eventually arrived but the PA system had not been checked. The organiser insisted that instructions had to be given but only those near to him could hear what he was saying. We were getting colder.

The course is measured just under 10km but it is my contention that the detours necessary on the moor to avoid deep peat more than brought it up to 10km. My fear of hamstring reoccurrence, the wind, the boggy moor, the driving rain and the challenging hills combined to provide an interesting run.

On the moor a Wetherby runner made a wrong decision and his shoe was sucked off. He searched deep in the quagmire to retrieve it. A second runner, who I passed after the moor section, must have fallen badly on the moor. His leg and shoulder were obvious hurting him. A broken shoulder?

The prevailing wind was from the right after the moor. This gave me pins and needles in the arm and hand.

The last third of a mile was cruelly uphill but the tray bake and hot coffee was very welcomed. The jog back to the car was wet, cold and miserable. Generally it was a well-organised race with plenty of marshals and kinder weather would make for a more enjoyable experience”.

The race was won by Jack Simpson (Unattached) in 33.48 and the first lady was Clare Pearson (Skipton) in 20th position (41.23).

For OAC, second claim members Jamie Noon finished fourth (36.40) and Suzy Sharman 42nd (44.28).

Howard Jeffrey finished 53rd (45.21) just one place ahead of his brother Mick Jeffrey in 54th (and second MV60) in 45.34.

Caron Ralph finished 95th (49.47), Jack Robertshaw 113th (51.41), Tom Hannah 116th (52.05), Ged Peacock 169th (56.12), Kath Robertshaw 206th (and first FV60) in 61.23 and Gloria Jackson 228th (64.33)

The first race in the Yorkshire Dales Race Series.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 29th April – Fountains 10km

  1. This race was a bit slippy going over the moor, so much so, it is the first time I have fallen flat on my face in over a 1000 races. Luckily I splatted turf and not rock so was able to get straight back up with a swollen finger and a bleeding nose. Hope it is not an ageing thing and the rain and sleet helpfully washed away all traces by the finish. Can’t say it was my favorite race ever.

  2. What a great effort by everybody in that terrible weather, glad you survived Howard!, well done to all the Otley runners.
    up the “BLACK and WHITES”

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