Sunday 6th May – Bluebell Trail 10 Miles

Sunday 6th May – Bluebell Trail 10 Miles

Organised by Stainland Lions Running Club, the race was won by Ben Mounsey (Stainland Lions) in 65.00 and the first lady in 20th position overall was Sue Brown (Unattached) in 74.34.

For OAC, Liam Dunne finished eleventh (70.55), Tom Potter 96th (87.26), Richard Smith 100th (87.53), Karen Potter 142nd (92.49), Jane Butler 165th (96.24), John Davis 191st (99.20) and Reid Haddow 203rd (101.21).

One thought on “Sunday 6th May – Bluebell Trail 10 Miles

  1. Brilliant running weather today, warm and sunny, tough course, plenty of nasty climbs, one severe hill at four and a half miles, plenty of fantastic scenery when on the tops, steep down hill for the last two miles, then a swim or a wade across the river to finish the run, a great run from Liam to finish in 11th. position. a Must do race for the “black and Whites” for next year, no times or positions out yet.

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