Tuesday 15th May – HDSRL @ Thirsk Race #2

Tuesday 15th May – HDSRL @ Thirsk Race #2

Another great turnout with 47 Otley runners making the trip to Thirsk. Ian Fisher was second (28:30), with Jamil Parapia seventh (30:35) and Andrew Robertshaw 10th (30:59). The full list of results are here.

The race was won by Marc Scott (Richmond & Zetland) in 28:23, and the first lady was Lisa Mawer (Wetherby) in 44th position in 34:22.

Ian’s Garmin race report here.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 15th May – HDSRL @ Thirsk Race #2

  1. Well run Ian, Jamil, Andrew, fantastic for three “Black and Whites” to finish in the top ten.
    Fantastic turnout from all the “Black and Whites”
    Wow”What a club”!!!!!!, 47 heroes!

  2. Best wishes to Jack – hope he is OK and it was only a minor issue.
    Well done to every one. I have looked at my time for last year, and I was significantly quicker this year. The course is given at just under 10KM – either I have become a running God, or the course was shorter than last year. Any thoughts Garmin owners.

  3. It was 5.5 miles Matt. I’ll be uploading my Garmin map to this site soon.


  4. I was hoping it was 5.6m, makes the stats a tiny bit better! Felt i had a bad race from start to finish; 3 seconds is all it takes but heyho.
    Still a great turnout and great performances, specially Gemma 2nd lady, Karen B, Pange and Nicki. Well done all ladies, we kept our 2nd place and moved up to 2nd in the ladies vets too.

  5. Matt,

    I clocked yesterday as 5.51 miles (the extra 0.01 mile that I ran compared to Ian explains why I arrived at the finish line over 6 minutes after him). By comparison, last year was 5.84 miles.

    But don’t let this dishearten you – it doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t become a running God.

  6. I was significantly quicker than last year, so I am claiming Minor Running Goddess status even if I came in 11th (by the way I’m not competing against you men {which is why Gemma came 2nd and Karen 6th}, even if you are the only ones in the comment fest. I am used to talking to myself)
    Reid, I agree. At Ilkley we had 4 men in the top 10 and 3 ladies, so we’re off to a flying start. Let’s keep it going!

  7. ssssh don’t tell everyone it was shorter this year I was enjoying having actually improved my time for once!

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