Wednesday 6th June – Chevin Fell Race

Wednesday 6th June – Chevin Fell Race

The Chevin Fell Race (3.5 miles / 900′).

After a day of rain, the skies cleared just before the start.  The race was won by  Tom Adams (Ilkley) in 17.38 and the first lady was Claire Green (Pudsey & Bramley) in 21.37.

For OAC, fourth Bob Addey 19.08,  seventh Rogan Ashton 19.53,  22nd Simon Toyne 22.19,  23rd Graham Lake 22.22,  33rd Richard Smith 23.20, 36th Matt Broughton 23.37,  fifth lady Tamara Weatherhead 24.00,  seventh lady Sharron Smith 24.55,  51st Matt Podd 25.12,  55th John Dade 25.28,  72nd Colin Best 27.25,  80th Billy Rayner 28.57,  87th Richard Hamer 31.04, fifteenth lady Gloria Jackson 35.27 and 98th Antonio Cardinale 39.42.

Race report in the Ilkley Gazette.

Full results now from fellrunner

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 6th June – Chevin Fell Race

  1. A surprise sunny evening saw the 35th Chevin Fell Race unveil. A good turn-out for Otley despite the Half-Term and some great encouragement from non-participating club members. Thanks. Everyone especially loved the steps – Excellent commitment and full-on efforts from all who entered – Well done all. The presentation and food in the Red Lion afterwards an added bonus.

  2. I make it 5th and 7th actually, 2nd and 3rd old ladies. I guess I’ll have to wait til next year to beat your record, Rachel 😉
    I was quite proud of my whizzy descent, as opposed to my wimpy (walking up the steps) ascent, but am now struggling to get up the stairs at home!

  3. There were others in this – I saw Gloria going well. But it was a lovely night and even stopped raining. Good buffet in the Red Lion afterwards. Cheers to the Skyrac. Matt

  4. I think the enigmatic “15th lady” is our very own Gloria Jackson. Lovely race and nice buffet. Lots of support from OAC members and an olympic triathlete. Wimped out a bit on the descent – particularly at the top of Johnny Lane as it was somewhat slippy. Didn’t fancy a tumble on the tarmac. I need more practice !!

  5. WOW , What a bunch of “Black and White” Warriors, well done every body, well done Antonio!

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