Sunday 10th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Sunday 10th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Report from team captain Sarah Fuller :

A massive thanks and well done to all the ladies who ran in the Bradford Millennium Way Relay organised by Saltaire Striders.

On some legs times were a lot slower than last year due to conditions underfoot but everyone put in some great performances. We finished as the fifth ladies team (out of ten) and 39th overall out of 50 teams!

Pange and Nikki, Eleanor and Becky and Caron and I all finished in a similar position in the overall results (we think!) for our respective legs so at least we were a consistent team!

A special thank you to Suzy for stepping in at the eleventh hour to replace an injured Tamara and also to Andrew for the taxi service and support on the last two legs!

Results –  Telegraph & Argus report here

Leg 1 – Bradford & Bingley Sports Club to Oxenhope (9.5 miles/1250ft)

1st Airedale Athletics – 01:13:54,  Otley Ladies:  Jane Butler & Carol Armitstead,  2:00:35 (45th fastest)

Leg 2 – Oxenhope to Laycock – (9.8 miles/1450ft)

Bingley – 01:07:01,   Otley Ladies:  Pange Srivistrava & Nikki Scott, 1:42:20, (35th fastest)

Leg 3 – Laycock to Silsden – (8 niles/800ft)

Bingley – 54:09,   Otley Ladies:  Eleanor Shotton & Becky Belcher, 1:22:52, (38th fastest)

Leg 4 – Silsden to Ilkley – (8.5/1250ft)

Keighley & Craven – 01:05:18,   Otley Ladies:  Sarah Fuller & Caron Ralph, 1:44:45, (37th fastest)

Leg 5 – Ilkley to Bradford & Bingley Sports Club (10.7 miles/500ft)

Bingley Mens – 1:11:25,  Otley Ladies: Karen Potter & Suzy Sharman, 1:40:20, (28th fastest)

Final Results: 1st Bingley 5:35:32, 1st Ladies team Keighley & Craven 7:25:04, Otley Ladies 8:30:52 (fifth of ten Ladies teams).

… and let’s get a mens team out next year…..

Photos kindly linked from tahir231’s Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 10th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

  1. Our leg had 1500ft+ climbing! and it sure felt like it (that climb up to the moor was a beast)! Seriously though this was a great event and well organised, lots of local running clubs had 3 or 4 teams in so sure we can get at least 2 next year!

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