Sunday 24th June – Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Sunday 24th June – Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Report from OAC’s Dave Hainsworth:

“After an unusually early start (certainly for Tom and I) and a very wet drive to Hessle, the rain stopped as we gathered for the 9 o’clock start and we ran in near perfect conditions.

The course was not as flat as I expected with the ‘steady climb’ between 9 and 10 miles coming as a bit of a surprise but the event is worth a try for the spectacular bridge crossings alone if you’ve never done it.

It’s a pity they don’t award super vets team prizes…”

Report from OAC’s Reid Haddow:

“Conditions ideal, cloudy damp start, slight rain, undulating course, plenty of long inclines, especially on the way home approaching the Humber Bridge, again strong winds in your face coming home across the bridge, finished in 1.49.33 pb this year, second mv65, age grading 69.1, very pleased.

Ran with Tom Hannah and Dave Hainsworth… a mind boggling combination of 195 years between us and still out there ‘Doing it’!”.

Winner, Pumlani Bangani (Salford) in 1.13.45 and first lady in 48th position overall, Tara Spillings (Unattached) in 1.30.43.

For OAC, Tom Hannah 410th (1.47.19), Reid Haddow 488th (1.49.33) and David Hainsworth 812th (1.59.39).

1,381 finishers. Results from sport-systems.

Pictures in Club Photos.

More details from humber-half.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 24th June – Humber Bridge Half Marathon

  1. Well done you three for the good running. Instead of the combination of 195 years between you, i will remove the first number because you are good runners, so would only remain 95 years, so Tom would be only 31 years old , David only 32 years old and Reid 32 years old as well. That is much better.

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