Thursday 28th June – HDSRL @ Starbeck Race #5

Thursday 28th June – HDSRL @ Starbeck Race #5

The HDSRL fifth and final counting evening race at Starbeck near Harrogate organised superbly by Nidd Valley and assisted by Vocalink.

And here’s the full set of results.

A splendid Summer’s evening after the earlier downpours, made it a fine night for running despite slippery conditions underfoot for the majority of the five mile trail race.

A very impressive turnout on the night of 48 OAC members (click on photo for larger view) has resulted in the Club extending its lead to win the overall team competition, the ladies team competiton for a second time and also re-gain the elite team prize after a couple of years and this, like the ladies team, was also achieved in this final counting race of the League.

Well done and congratulations to all who took part in any of the races of this year’s League…everybody’s participation and enthusiasm is what matters most.

The final event, the Norman Smith Handicap and Presentation Night takes place in Ripon on Thursday 12th July.

18 thoughts on “Thursday 28th June – HDSRL @ Starbeck Race #5

  1. Fantastic turnout – well done all round. It’s great to see so many Otley members taking part. Thanks to Mick for all the encouragement.

  2. Well done to everyone who turned out, a really impressive show.
    Need to work on my stamina and pace for next year though.

  3. Wow what a fantastic turnout and set of results! I am delighted we won three categories and especially the Ladies for the first time. Congratulations to everyone who took part in the series

  4. Where’s the group photo taken outside the squash club? Stick it up on the front page of the site!

  5. Whoa! We have done it! An amazing turnout by everyone who played an important part for Otley. I was to say thanks to Mick Jeffery for his commitment for our club. It has been an amazing turn around during these last two events. I did eye up the elite prize and I’m very happy I was backed up with Matt John and Racheal Bamford, etc helping giving more depth. They and other’s are fantastic assets to Otley AC. My tired effort was a poor run which I hope people will allow me before writting me off just yet.

  6. Thanks Ian. Your efforts have been instrumental in us winning main 10 and the elite (amongst others) and if a tired effort still acheives first place then I shudder to think how long you’ll be at the top when rested!

  7. That was fantastic yesterday. Brilliant number of us who have done all 5 races and others who have made it when they can – fab commitment! Karen B after driving down from Inverness on the day!
    Chris, I had the MInistry of Misinformation telling me there had been no ladies win – should have checked with some other ladies first!
    Echo thanks to Mick for persistence and also to Julian our league rep.

  8. The Commitment from all the “Black and Whites ” over the 5 race series has been fantastic, what an effort from all members who all contributed towards all the fantastic results at the final race ! We definitley have a great club down at Otley ac, supported by a great Committee,as the Jubille celebrations continue ,let us also celebrate at the last handicap race at Ripon on the12th . Well done Antonio, great running!
    “up the Black and Whites”

  9. Sorry Tamara, that’s me being the Ministry of Misinformation…I should have checked my facts. That said I echo all the comments and great team sentiment. And of course, we should also be proud of the high classification in all the other team categories and overall individual performances with Andrew and Gemma having notable Series results. Thanks to Liam for the photo, now uploaded as requested Simon!

  10. Congratulations, a great turn out and a fine turn of speed from the ladies to nick it at the line.

  11. Well Done Otley! Great result.

    And can I say – what a good looking bunch of athletes!

    Greetings from Australia 🙂

  12. Indeed Julian, second in the ladies and super vets, 3rd in the vets. Fab super fastees up front – great motivation, to see if I can cut down on minutes behind them!

  13. Hi Neil, great to hear from you and thanks for your message.

    Is that an OAC vest running in Perth WA!? Do send on an enlargement with details please!

    Your continuing legacy to the Club continues to work marvellously by the way…

  14. Hi Julian, Yea I’ve done two marathons this year in my Otley vest. I’m keen not to forget where it all started.

    Planning on coming back to Otley next year. Missed you all too much.

  15. The person who deserves the biggest congratulations must be Chris Carver – to do this fast on the back of a 100 mile race – respect!

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