Sunday 8th July – San José Half Marathon (CRC)

Sunday 8th July – San José Half Marathon (CRC)

Report from OAC’s Huw Illingworth:

I have been working in San José, Costa Rica, these past three months and decided to try and keep up the running by entering a local Half Marathon.

I joined up with a very friendly local running club who organise the event under the strap line “organised by runners for runners”. The only problem I have with running here is the preferred time of day – at an altitude of nearly 4,000′, San José is cooler than the rest of the country but if you want avoid the midday sun and to beat the traffic (inhaling as little diesel as possible) it’s best to start early. The local club, known as Correcaminos, meet at 4:50am on a Saturday!

Anyway the Half Marathon started on the edge of town at the relatively reasonable time of 6:30. A descent from the suburbs into the City took us into through the centre and then around the City’s main park and then into it to finish.

A total of about 3,000 runners took part, including a 10km run at the same time on the same route. Many spectators lined the streets dotted every so often with bands and drummers.

Despite this being my first half marathon (I’ve somehow avoided them), I was a little disappointed in my time as well as frustrated by stomach cramps and an unavoidable pee stop half way through.

Nevertheless I was very happy to wear the Otley vest so far from home and certainly enjoyed the event.

The race was won by invited Kenyan international Julius Kipyego Keter in 63:05(!!). The women’s race was won by another Kenyan, Judy Jesire Kimuge, in 80:29.

I was 77th male of 966 in 90.52.

Results here and photos here.

I am back in a few weeks so hopefully see you all in August!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 8th July – San José Half Marathon (CRC)

  1. Superb stuff Huw, how proud I am to be associated with a Club whose members are spread across the globe and proudly sporting their black and white OAC vests in Costa Rica, Perth WA, Oman, Saudi Arabia (and Hull) in just recent months alone. We look forward to welcoming you back to Yorkshire soon where, by the way, it is raining….

  2. Nice one Huw. Must have bee great to take part in such an event. Almost as exciting as Leeds 10k at an altitude of 120′!

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