Saturday 28th July – Lakeland 50 Mile Challenge

Saturday 28th July – Lakeland 50 Mile Challenge

Report from Sarah Fuller:

I’m pleased to report that I completed the Lakeland 50 this weekend, my first ultra.

I lined up at Dalemain on Saturday at midday amongst 500 or so other competitors with some trepidation of the 50 miles and 10,000′ of climbing ahead.

We headed out round Dalemain (most people seemed to think they were doing a 10k the speed they set off!) before turning south to Pooley Bridge, Howton, High Kop, Haweswater and Mardale Head.

The rain and wind made the climb over Gatesgarth pretty unpleasant but forward progress down Longsleddle and into Kentmere, the half way point.

Another big climb over Garburn and then a long slog into Ambleside for 35 miles. I ran strongly to this point and was at Ambleside well inside 9 hours, dead chuffed.

Still going well as we climbed Loughrigg and then headed up Langdale to the 40 mile point at Chapel Stile (a strange oasis providing hot stew, comfy sofas and a fire – don’t sit in the sofa you will never leave…!) but now in darkness progress slowed considerably and the terrain deteriorated as well and time just fell away.

We buddied up in the dark and spent a long time coaxing a knackered runner through to the last checkpoint at Tilberthwaite – just couldn’t leave her in that state!

My wheels fell off then big-time as we tackled the last three miles and 1,000′ climb from Tilberthwaite.

My knee went on the descent and it was me who needed slow patient coaching and cajoling down into the coppermines valley! At last Tarmac (bet you thought I’d never say that!) and the final run (well pathetic hobble) in to Coniston. I finished in 15 hrs 12 mins and 278th position (482 started).

The winner did it 8 and a half hours – amazing. Impeccable organisation and some amazing support out on the course from checkpoint volunteers. So anyone for the hundred next year?!

More details on Sarah’s justgiving page.

9 thoughts on “Saturday 28th July – Lakeland 50 Mile Challenge

  1. Well done Sarah. This is on my list to do next year when I’m back from Aus. 15hrs is a great time with all that climbing !

  2. Good Effort Sarah, and welcome to the idiots club!
    Now you can eat a lot, lie back and watch the olympics. See – you can do it! Well Done.
    Matt P

  3. Fantastic Sarah. I have another challenge up my sleeve for you and Mr Podd. 2 miles shorter and less hills. Will tell you at the club.

  4. Fantastic achievment, well done Sarah, another “Black and White” terrific performance, you were brilliant!!

  5. Well done Sarah, I hope you enjoyed your day out on the fells as much as I did mine.

  6. Loved every minute simon including the wind, rain, endless bogs, slippery rocks, slimy decents and loonnnng hard rocky climbs! It felt like a privilege to be able to make such an amazing journey through my favourite place in the world- I got all choked up crossing the finish line! Laura – I’m intrigued already….! Thanks to everyone in otley AC for all your encouragement and putting up with me going on about it for months and for the kind sponsorship donations xx

  7. Fantastic. Well done Sarah. I ran my first ultra (Clyde Stride) the weekend before, but it was 10 miles shorter and much less hilly. Seems tame in comparison. Oh, and we also had fine weather – so sounds like an entirely different experience – except for the same exhilaration at the end. Will definitely do more. Will have to compare notes. Have belatedly submitted report to Julian, so should appear soon.

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